Review Drivool 801 OBD II GPS Tracker
Drivool 801 OBD II GPS Tracker

Drivool 801 OBD II Plug and Play GPS Tracker, Plug and Play software and web app

Main characteristics:
NO-Wire, NO-Line, OBD-II System Easy to Install for Plug and Play, Real-time Location, Real-time GPRS and SMS Tracking, WhatsApp, Fast Web Posting, POIs, Alarms, Reports, Geo-fence, Multi-user, The mobile device option in the "Drivool uMove" program / web application can be used for any vehicle.

Other features:
Material: ABS plastic
GPS positioning accuracy: 5-30 (m)
Alarm mode: fence alarm, speed alarm, vibrating alarm, etc.
SIM card holder: removable
GSM frequency: the sum of the quad band
Working temperature: -20 ° C to + 70 ° C.
Only for 2G GSM SIM card
Positioning accuracy: 10 meters, 2D RMS
Time accuracy: Synchronized satellite time in microseconds
Applicable models: All vehicles have OBD interface, this device is standard 16-pin interface, most vehicles have OBD interface.
If your SIM card has a PIN code (the device tracker cannot read the SIM card), please unlock the SIM card in your phone. Before you can use the online platform, you need to set the APN, IP address and platform server port for your country / region via SMS commands.

Review Drivool 801 OBD II GPS Tracker
Drivool 801 OBD II GPS Tracker

  • [1.] Special function: Large-scale real-time GPS device and smooth OBD II. Very easy to install, no wires, wireless, just connect 16-pin interface to the car. Most cars today have OBD interfaces. Check the image on the screen to check the position of the OBD connector. Note: If your car does not have OBD connector, you can use it with OBD connector available in store.
  • [2.] Applies to: The device can be used for cars, cars, trucks, buses, minivans, motorcycles, ships, ships, SUVs or any kind of vehicles. ST902 is a different version of the same machine.
  • [3.] SIM and data requirements: It can be used with any 2G data chip. Almost. Enough 300-500MB of data per month (may vary by usage).
  • [4.] The "DRIVOOL uMove" function of the ANDROID / iOS / WEB app: an application through which vehicles can be tracked directly on the DRIVOOL platform. The jobs are the same. WhatsApp quick sharing, reading history tracker, standby mode, speed warning, multi-user options, multiple vehicle tracking, dashboard report, personal POI map, speed warning, geofence, push notification, multiple alarm options make the device powerful. DRIVOOL & InnC is just an efficient seller of product and services.
  • [5.] Support and Request: 24/7 fully trusted customer support. Install GPS device using the quick help of WhatsApp Live Chat or Call. The GPS device has a simple and detailed photo guide. Note: The uMove app subscription is included in the device. (After 3 months of free subscription, you'll have to pay a small subscription every year).

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