Review Drop CTRL High-Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Drop CTRL High-Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Drop MDX-31831-1 CTRL High quality keyless mechanical gaming keyboard (87 keys), quick swap, programmable keys, RGB-LED backlit, USB-C, PBT double shot, aluminum

The flagship keyboard is now attracting attention

The High-Profile Drop CTRL is similar to the original CTRL, but now comes with an aluminum CNC long case to cover the buttons. The case is shaped at a 6-degree angle and ergonomically designed to have a natural feel and are heavier than before. Kaihua switch socket allows you to turn on and off the keyboard at any time without soldering. It can also be fully programmed via QMK. This means you can assign custom macros or keyboard shortcuts to each key. With two USB-C connections, the CTRL High-Profile is equipped with the latest connections. It also has a customizable RGB backlight and downlight so you can set it to monochrome or light up with rainbow waves.

Fully programmable via QMK:
Keyboard customization is very interesting. For this reason, the CTRL High-Profile has a fully programmable and changeable layout. Drop QMK firmware component gives you complete control over every key. In addition, the configuration tool allows you to program macros and custom keyboard layouts so that you can easily configure the keyboard for gaming, business, or entertainment. It is also equipped with two USB Type-C ports (one on each side) that allow you to use the backup port to transfer data and charge the device at USB 2.0 speeds.

A heavier, heavier bezel and interchangeable buttons during operation

Made from a large block of anodized aluminum (with two surface treatments), the CTRL High Profile is known for its durability and ability to maintain surface quality. The keyboard is nearly twice the weight of the original CTRL key and won't release if caught in tough FPS competition or an article submission. Thanks to the integrated control panel and the replaceable electronic card during operation, you can use the keyboard to change the keys as you wish. In fact, wipers on both sides of the body are specially designed for the available key removal tool. Best? You don't have to solder all of the switches. Just wear it and you are good to go.

Enhance the illumination of each key with millions of colors
The CTRL High-Profile is optimized to deliver the most light through the keycap. You also have to choose from millions of different colors for every touch. So if you want the light to rotate across the spectrum, that's okay. If you prefer a two-tone look that suits your preferences, please consider. There is also a built-in LED diffuser with light absorbers that can reduce hot spots on many other keyboards. Afraid of hitting? No. The backlight shows a very high frame rate (100Hz) that there is no annoying stutter.

Review Drop CTRL High-Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Drop CTRL High-Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • Advanced engineering: CTRL High-Profile made of CNC aluminum with long frame, integrated keyboard and magnetic feet. It is very strong and can be installed.
  • Halo Clear Switch: This CTRL model comes with a Halo Clear switch that features slight bias and a light but sharp touch combination. The Halo Clear key is primarily used for typing and gently removes the least context sensitive key every time a key is pressed.
  • Quick switch function. Do you want to change your keys? Hot-pluggable switch sockets allow you to easily customize the high CTRL coil so that you can toggle the switch in seconds without soldering.
  • Optimized for each button lighting millions of colors: Fully customizable RGB backlight, Premium CTRL and Downlights. Set millions of LEDs to one color or turn them on with a custom rainbow wave pattern.
  • The flagship keyboard is now an extended setup: the CTRL High-Profile is similar to the original CTRL, but now has a long CNC aluminum housing to cover the keys. The Keyless Multifunction Keyboard (TKL) was developed with the opinions of the Drop community and once again raised the bar among mechanical keyboards.

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