Review Drop CTRL Tenkeyless TK Gaming Keyboard
Drop CTRL Tenkeyless TK Gaming Keyboard

Drop MDX-31830-12 CTRL TKL Keyless Mechanical Keyboard (87 Keys) Gaming Keyboard, Hot Swappable Keys, Programmable Macro, RGB-LED Backlit, USB-C, Dual PBT Picture, Aluminum Frame (MX Cherry blue, black)

A keyboard that lets you control everything
In short, CTRL mechanical keyboard has it all. The sturdy aluminum frame and integrated keyboard make it durable and sturdy. Thanks to the quick switch socket, you can change the switch at any time without soldering. It can also be fully programmed via QMK. This means you can assign custom macros or keyboard shortcuts to each key. With two USB-C ports, CTRL is equipped with the fastest connection.

Aesthetically speaking, the keyboard is pretty impressive. Customizable RGB backlit color screen can be realized. You can also adjust it to one color for a slimmer look. Smooth PBT keycaps can only improve performance. Most importantly, the keyboard has keys that you can choose from. Whether you like heavy or light linear keys, you can get exactly what you want.

Enhance the illumination of each key with millions of colors

The CTRL key has an improved lamp tube that can deliver the most light possible through the keyboard cover. No matter what shade you want, millions of colors can be chosen for every touch. The lighting can be programmed to cover the full spectrum or be set to a two-tone look to suit your preferences. There's also an integrated semi-transparent LED splitter that reduces hotspots on many other keyboards. Afraid of hitting? No. The LED lamp operating frequency is 100Hz, so there is no visible flash.

Shine with a double PBT switch
CTRL appears on the desktop and has an excellent PBT key cover. PBT keycaps have long been an integral part of the keyboard community, helping to combat flashing caused by finger grease and sweat. Plus, PBTs are extremely durable and long-lasting - and because of their distinct colors, they won't fade over time.

Fully programmable via QMK
Keyboard customization is very interesting. Because of this, CTRL has a fully customizable and programmable design. QMK firmware gives you complete control over every switch.

Additionally, you can use the configuration tool to program macros and custom keyboard layouts so that you can easily configure the keyboard for gaming, work, or entertainment. It is also equipped with two USB Type-C ports (one on each side) that allow you to transfer data and charge the device at USB 2.0 speeds.

Review Drop CTRL Tenkeyless TK Gaming Keyboard
Drop CTRL Tenkeyless TK Gaming Keyboard

  • Take control of it all: STRG combines processing quality with functionality-rich functionality. Developed with input from the Drop community, it raises the bar for mechanical keyboards.
  • Advanced engineering: CTRL uses a solid aluminum frame design with an integrated keyboard and magnetic feet. CTRL is very powerful and can be used in any environment.
  • CHERRY MX BLUE RGB SWITCH: This CTRL model has a Cherry MX Blue switch, which generates a unique "click" sound when pressed, making it the loudest touch switch in the Cherry MX series.
  • Quick switch function. Do you want to change your keys? Hot swappable switch sockets allow you to change the switch in seconds, making it easy to customize the CTRL switch - no soldering required.
  • Perfect lighting for every key in millions of colors: Fully customizable CTRL RGB backlight with downlight. Set millions of LEDs to one color or turn them on with a custom rainbow wave pattern.

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