Review EPOMAKER EP84 84-Key RGB Gaming Keyboard
EPOMAKER EP84 84-Key RGB Gaming Keyboard

EPOMAKER EP84 hot swappable mechanical RGB gaming keyboard with 84 keys and PBT color keys, suitable for Mac / Win / Gamer (Gateron Black Switch, Gray and White)

  • Gateron hot swappable key. The EP84 keyboard is hot swappable which is a rare feature among mechanical keyboards. This means you can easily switch mechanical buttons for other types without welding or effort. Do you want to write different feelings or voices? Just change the buttons for a completely different touch experience! It also extends the life of the keyboard because you can easily swap out components without abandoning the entire keyboard.
  • Integrated mechanical keyboard with 84 keys. EPOMAKER EP84 has 84 keys and is one of the most popular keyboards in the field of mechanical keyboards. why? It contains a large number of numbers, function keys, and arrows - all packed in a format that never wastes a little space
  • PBT keycap dye. We use top grade cover for PBT sublimation switches. Generally, it is the best choice for keycap material, it is even better than ABS keycaps because PBT is more durable and oil resistant (it will not shine like ABS over time) and will take longer time to stain. Our keys are corrosion, water and dust resistant. Even if you are outside nearly every day, the keyboard can last longer.
  • Ergonomics and NKRO. The keycap has been optimized to provide a more comfortable and convenient typing experience. The smooth curve fits the shape of each finger perfectly. At the same time, the N key is also for faster printing. This means that no matter the speed at which you type, the keyboard will record every keystroke. Based on your requirements, we have provided it in the "Switch" section.
  • Offers 19 RGB effects and 9 individual colors. The EP84 has RGB lighting with 19 effects and 9 independent colors. Simply connect the keyboard with a USB cable to access the effects. Enjoy great and colorful writing and gaming experience

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