Review EPOMAKER NIZ Plum X87 87-Keys Keyboard
EPOMAKER NIZ Plum X87 87-Keys Keyboard

EPOMAKER NIZ Plum X87 Wired Keyboard 87 Wireless / NKRO Bluetooth Wired Keyboard for Win Mac Game Programmer

Presentation of the NIZ Plum X87 keyboard
Equipped with a 35g electric linear switch, the 87-key keyboard is very suitable for playing, writing and working. These keys are easy to press and only produce a tone when typing. Appearance, the keyboard has a simple white and light gray dual tone look, so it won't look out of place in the office. The key cover is made of PBT material, which can bear the shine caused by oil by hand. If you find yourself in a competitive situation or sending long emails, don't worry. With anti-ghosting and N-key mirroring technology, this keyboard can identify any key. It also has adjustable feet at the bottom to give you a bevel typing experience.

Technical index
-PBT keycap thick
- capacitive switch
35g dome
- pre-installed rings
Self-lubricating Arrow Push Tool
- Type C to USB connection
- Programmable layout and macro recording
Fast 1ms response
- Support USB port + PS2, switch by pressing FN + SPACE, NKRO

Special function:
- Fast victory lock and good stability for shooting game in app
-Ctrl and Cap are interchangeable for programmers
-Win and Alt are interchangeable for Mac users

Review EPOMAKER NIZ Plum X87 87-Keys Keyboard
EPOMAKER NIZ Plum X87 87-Keys Keyboard

  • Capacitive electronic keyboard EC 35g. NiZ Plum X87 combines the quiet operation of a rubber ball keyboard with the reliability and feel of a mechanical keyboard. The chassis consists of a rubber dome with a sliding cover over which there are coiled springs and a circuit board. 35 grams of push button switch gives you a good feeling, and mechanical players can add 10 grams of spring to increase the speed
  • All buttons are programmable. If you want to customize the format, don't hesitate: it is programmable and also compatible with macros. Each key can be individually defined with a macro and adapted. Accessing it with a USB Type-C cable is fast and efficient
  • The trigger stroke is adjustable. The control switches in the latest version of the keyboard can be swapped between 2mm and 3mm. To make the keyboard stable and reliable, NLZ integrates this function into programming software and hides the 0.1mm fine-tuning profile with five levels. After setting the trigger switch, the firmware is written and the restart is always performed to avoid problems when resetting.
  • PBT key is laser engraved with more detailed detail. The board is equipped with durable PBT keycaps, which are durable and can withstand the build-up of grease on your fingertips over time. Two-level supportive leg frame and highly cushioned non-slip cushion. The main line is separated from the chassis and the three-way grooved cable passes through the sliding rail treatment to prevent the cable from being scratched
  • Bluetooth 4.0 dual mode wireless / wired. The NIZ Plum X87 uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to achieve a fast and stable wireless connection. The wireless functionality is best for all occasions. In addition, programmer Ctrl and Cap repositioning, Alt and Win positioning for Mac user and launcher app lock function are supported. This only applies to the Bluetooth version

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