ESwap Pro PS4 PC professional Controller
ESwap Pro PS4 PC professional Controller

ESwap Pro Controller: Multifunctional Professional Cable Controller for PS4 and PC (PS4.0)

Thrustmaster is proud to present new game consoles for PS4 and PC: the first professional slot machine designed for gamers who want to take their games to the next level, get higher performance and get the highest score. The eSwap Pro uses the unique T-MOD technology developed due to its fully modular ergonomic design, industrial components, custom console configuration software, and an add-on ecosystem with unlimited scalable features (sold separately) suitable for all gaming styles. This product is an officially licensed PlayStation 4 system and is also compatible with computers running Windows 10 (PC compatibility has not been tested or approved by Sony Interactive Entertainment). #NoBoostingRequired

It was developed for multiplayer games
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Precise, responsive, and adaptive controllers that match the official PlayStation 4 license to improve the gaming experience for the type of game you play.
Designed to help you take the game to a new level, achieve higher performance, and get the highest score.

Absolute diversity
ESWAP PRO CONTROLLER is the ideal weapon for players looking for the best experience for every game.
The units on the console can be customized for placement - either during the game or when the game is not running - and can be modified to the appropriate configuration to better suit the needs of players or the team.
The console's shape and ergonomic design are perfect for any style of play: combat, sports, FPS / TPS, battle royale, and even RPG.

Surgical precision
Optimal response - with tactile switches built into each unit and button - is critical to improving your chances of winning. The clear and responsive clicks improve the sense of control mechanically so players don't have to worry about game response time. Enjoy all buttons activated over 5,000,000 times and the small scroll wheel pre-calibrated 2,000,000 times.

Typical infinite ecosystem
ESWAP PRO CONTROLLER has an unlimited modular ecosystem and is located at the intersection of design and performance.
A variety of software packages are provided, including new features - and various color customization packages - to ensure the best comfort and eye-catching look that matches each player's favorite game.
Try the decor, shape, and height of your new device: You'll love the various additional options.

Designed for music owners
Modular T-MOD and quick switch technology can achieve effective game performance and give players the advantage of having to react instantly to improve ranking in any situation.

The robust braided cable allows the controller to create a stable, secure cable connection and avoid calibration issues, wait times, or accidental disconnection. Configure the control unit with the built-in computer software to set various parameters and sensitivity levels and achieve full compatibility.

THRUSTMAPPER software included
With the user defined program, you can master and adjust all the basic settings: save two different default settings to adapt ergonomics and comfort to your own requirements.
Adjust sensitivity, dead zone and vibration level to your liking: This is very useful for getting great gaming performance.

Reset button
The program allows you to customize a button or unit function for any other button on the console.
Try a lot of adjustments to find the best setting

MINI-STICKS configuration
Adjust the middle and outer dead zones to the little bar to suit your playing style.
Adjust the general sensitivity of each little wand to your liking.

Trigger configuration
The middle and outer blind areas are configured at the start and end points of the launcher to improve game accuracy.

Adjust the vibration level
The intensity of the vibration can be adjusted directly in the dedicated Thrustmapper menu. Adjust the intensity of vibration from 0 to 100% according to your requirements.

Review ESwap Pro PS4 PC professional Controller
ESwap Pro PS4 PC professional Controller

  • With T-MOD and Hot Swap, you can switch one unit for another at any time in the game
  • Durable and highly sensitive touch switches, high precision work units and buttons can shorten the response time and ensure a longer service life
  • 4 additional convenient and rearranging buttons. Set the trigger activation sensitivity. Switch between two different real-time presets to make adjustments in real time
  • Infinite modular ecosystem (sold separately) to maximize versatility and continually improve gaming comfort
  • Using special computer software, you can adjust all important console settings (game presets, reset, sensitivity, vibration, etc.).

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