Review Feeke pet Wireless GPS DOG tracker Fence
Feeke pet Wireless GPS DOG tracker Fence

Feeke pet Wireless Dog Fence, Pet Fence System, Pet Fence System Frame Container, With IP65 Waterproof Dog Collar Receiver, Adjustable Range, Safe For All Dogs

With DOG GPS, you can check your dog's location anytime anywhere. Track your furry friends in real time without distance restrictions. Access the location records on your smartphone and enjoy other interesting functions with your pet.

After choosing to subscribe, Tractive GPS DOG uses the best cellular network available to find your pet almost anywhere in the world.

Simply attach the waterproof and lightweight tracker to your dog's collar and use the free Tractive GPS app to track your pet. Now is the time for a new adventure - go on an adventure now!

  • Real-time Tracking & Location Log - Determine the real-time location of your furry friend when it counts and view the history your dog recorded.
  • Virtual Fence - If your pet leaves the area, please select a safe area and receive a notification immediately. Finding a dog has never been easier.
  • Activity Monitor: Keep your dog healthy. Find out how much exercise they get, check your calorie intake and set goals.
  • Global Positioning - Use attractive GPS accessories for pet collars in more than 150 countries. Manage all jobs via the free Tractive GPS app (iOS and Android) or any browser.
  • Rechargeable and Replaceable Battery - This GPS dog tracker can be charged within 2 hours, the battery life is 2 to 5 days, and it can be replaced with another. (A spare battery is included). Subscriptions are required of only 3.33 per month (2-year prepaid plan), and a variety of subscriptions are available. The SIM card is integrated into the GPS tracking device.

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