Review FNATIC miniStreak Speed Gaming Keyboard
FNATIC miniStreak Speed Gaming Keyboard

FNATIC miniStreak Speed-LED RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Silver Speed ​​- Integrated Keyless Gaming Compact Keyboard - Professional (US Layout)

MiniSTREAK is an ultra-thin mechanical keyboard optimized for sports.
With an ultra-fast speed switch, hundreds of customization options, and a meticulous metallic design, we hope you win.
MiniSTREAK adopts the industry-leading Kailh key design, providing the incredible response, fast response, control and feel required for high-performance and competitive gaming.

It is only 28mm thick and weighs only 704g.
Made of beautifully anodized metal, it's great durability and incredibly stylish design.
The smooth, rounded edges and perfectly balanced keys make miniSTREAK extremely comfortable in all situations.

Get more playgrounds with paths lighting.
Customizable RGB lighting includes 16.8 million color options.

Get rid of interference to take out opponents.
Competitive Mode dims the lights and increases your focus.

Stay in the zone.
MiniSTREAK has a private FN lock. You can use the F key for your own advantage.
USB pass-through supports transparent connection. The unrest was quickly overcome.
Use the latest intuitive software to improve gaming experience, program color software, and adjust settings.

MCU and memory: NXP / 8MB
Polling rate: 1000 Hz
Cable: 2.2 m, detachable
Two-year warranty

Review FNATIC miniStreak Speed Gaming Keyboard
FNATIC miniStreak Speed Gaming Keyboard

  • The high speed silver key preload is only 1.1mm, which is 81% faster than traditional mechanical switch. Our silver key is the best Kailh mechanical key in the business, ensuring the reliability of over 70 million keystrokes.
  • MiniSTREAK mechanical keyboard RGB color lighting Our RGB LED backlights feature 8 easy-to-activate instant lighting modes and support 16.8 million colors. Free OR can create endless customizations.
  • MiniSTREAK's compact and portable keyless entry design is exactly what you need for professional gaming, not what you need. Thanks to the detachable USB cable and the slim 28mm blade shape, miniSTREAK can be connected securely with a weight of just 704g.
  • Unparalleled comfort and durability Fnatic miniSTREAK features a perfectly balanced headroom and smooth, rounded edges, making it extremely comfortable in every situation. The rubber feet are fully angled for maximum grip, and the anodized metal plate makes miniSTREAK tough like a cow. * Without rest
  • The market leader in esports was founded by FNATIC and is the market leader in professional esports. Our professional players have won thousands of championships around the world in 20 different games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Rainbow 6 Siege, and CS: GO and have inspired a community of thousands of fans. We take professional feedback into consideration when developing professional gaming equipment so you know you are getting the best quality.

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