Review Friencity Wireless Gaming Headset
Friencity Wireless Gaming Headset

Friencity Wireless Gaming Headset with USB-C Audio Transmitter for Nintendo Switch, Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphone with Microphone for PS4, Voice and Music Chat, 40ms Low Latency, Plug and Play

FrienCity High Definition Audio, Low Latency, Bluetooth Game Transmitter Kit, Hearing Aid, very suitable for in-game wireless / voice chatting and for watching movies on computer, only for audio transmission.

Faststream has low latency, can eliminate lip sync delays, and there is no audio delay when playing games, watching movies or listening to music.
Use bluetooth - enable any PC or laptop (Windows, iOS, Linux, etc), game console (PS4, Nintendo Switch etc), plug and play, no driver required.
The bluetooth headphone transmitter set supports calling and playing music at the same time during playing, so you can enjoy the game being played.
Work together or leave the office: Use the M20C Bluetooth speaker with cell phones, computers, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices for VoIP, Skype, truck drivers, or video conferencing.
Dual Link and Multipoint: Bluetooth transmitter and wireless headphone support simultaneous connection of two devices.

Simple steps to setup on PS4:

Go to Settings -> Devices -> Audio devices -> Click the "Change output device automatically" checkbox to deselect it.
Click "Output device" and select "USB Headset".
Return to the list of audio devices. You will see that "Output device" is displayed as "USB Headset".
To meet the requirements of voice chatting, an additional step is required to connect another MINI microphone to the auxiliary console port. "Input device" is displayed as "Headphones connected to the remote control"

Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, Dual Stream PC, Low Latency, Game Audio Support, USB C

There is no delay in voice, music and chat at the same time
Our BTWH-036 gaming team is using our low-latency Faststream technology to avoid Bluetooth latency of less than 40ms which is unrecognizable by human ear. You can use the microphone for in-game chat while listening to the background music!

Connect two headphones at the same time
Stream audio to two headphones / speakers at the same time without lip sync delay while playing games or watching movies. A great option to share the fun with family or friends.

It does not require technical knowledge
It has headphones and pre-paired transmitters that are easy to use.

Noise-canceling microphone and better speech clarity

The bluetooth headset uses the advanced CVC6.0 noise canceling technology, which picks up the noise perfectly, blocks out the surrounding noise and ensures a clear call even in noisy environments.

Never run out of energy
No built-in battery is required, USB PD charging technology is adopted, and the switch can be charged via wireless Bluetooth audio transmitter for all-day use.

After plugging in the transmitter, the Nintendo Switch will not be able to charge. You can connect a USB charging cable to the transmitter to charge your Nintendo Switch

Wide compatibility
Add Typc-C Bluetooth audio transmitter to your PC, laptop, Mac, PS4, or Nitendo adapter. Stream audio to Z702 wireless earbuds or Bose Sony TWS AirPods earbuds.
The included USB-A is an ideal solution for non-C devices that use headphones or wireless speakers.

Simply connect the USB adapter to your device and long press the pairing button to enter pairing mode. Blue and red lights are flashing.
Turn on the M20C bluetooth headset
Move it close to you and wait until it is automatically connected to a steady blue light before using it.

Review Friencity Wireless Gaming Headset
Friencity Wireless Gaming Headset

  •  ➤ Games, PCs, movies and more are used with Nintendo Switch, PS4, Windows PC or Mac, with headphones (M20C) and Type-C audio transmitter (BT-036). Enjoy wireless audio streaming from up to two speakers simultaneously for playing games or watching movies or videos.
  • ➤ The Lip Sync Delay Delay Delay and Dual Link range contains FastStream technology that allows you to reduce audio delay. Perfect sync delivers high quality sound. Very suitable for games and movies. The BT-036 Bluetooth audio adapter can support two speakers at the same time. (Note: To ensure that there is no delay, the second headphone must also support fast broadcast encryption.)
  • ➤ Voice chatting and simultaneous music] Use the set of transmitters of your bluetooth headset to activate the synchronized calls and music during playback. Noise canceling headphones allow you to make clear calls even in noisy environments, ensuring a high level of focus and not being disturbed by outside noise.
  • ➤ 【True plug and play kit, complete with transmitter kit and bluetooth headphone without worrying about pairing. Simply turn on the transmitter and headphones and they'll automatically connect for an easy-to-use audio experience.
  • ➤ [Long service life and warranty period] Our Bluetooth transmitter does not have built-in battery. It can be used for a long time. There is no need to download the driver. Simply insert the transmitter and turn on the connected device. Bluetooth headphones support 12 hours working time, and it takes 2 hours to fully charge. At Friencity we offer a 24-month warranty and lifetime technical support

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