Review Giveet JGZH Wireless Headphones Earbuds for TV
Giveet JGZH Wireless Headphones Earbuds for TV

Wireless TV Earbuds provide the gift used for watching TV Headphones with Bluetooth Transmitter Plug and Play TV Earbuds for Elderly, No Sound Delay, 100ft Range, Optical Digital RCA AUX

Giveet TV Hearing Aid Kit and Playback, 164 '' Wireless Earbuds, Support 3.5mm Additional Optical Digital Jack, Plug & Play, No Delay Sound Very suitable for watching TV, movies and listening to music.

Last group listens to TV
Both the B28 and Z702 use a low-delay audio codec, and there is no signal interference after pairing. This will ensure that the transmitter will automatically connect to the headphone within 5 seconds and the connection will be more stable, which will provide excellent sound.

Lightweight, comfortable and easy to place on your neck
With a clean neck design, the helmet weighs only 25g. The flat and soft silicone cable gives you a nice touch. Three pairs of fins, earplugs and cable clip provide a snug, comfortable fit

Important Notes:
When using the TV optical audio output, the TV audio format must be set to PCM.
B- When external audio devices are connected, some of the built-in TV speakers may not work or be muted. This is the advantage of TV.
Suitable for TVs with 3.5 or analog and optical functions, but does not support coaxial digital audio outputs.
D- TV connection problems. Please read the instruction manual or send an email to the Giveet support team. We will provide you with a satisfactory solution.

There is no sound delay
The transmitter and headphones use a fast audio stream codec (= 40ms low latency), which reduces the delay to 40ms and allows you to virtually eliminate audio and video delay when watching videos / movies while you're still avoiding sync delays Lips, time saving, great sound quality and perfect sync.

Connect and play
The transmitter and headphone were paired with bluetooth before charging. Just turn on the bluetooth transmitter (B28) and the bluetooth speaker (Z702). You will be connected automatically without pairing.

Multiple audio input options
Optical audio output: Change the TV audio channel to "External Amplifier" and set the audio format to "PCM".
Cinch Connect: Change the TV sound channel to "External Amplifier".
3.5mm AUX Connector: Change the audio channel on the TV to Headphones.

Long term extension
The Giveet Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver is based on Class 1 Bluetooth technology and has a visual range of 50 meters outdoors and 20 to 30 meters indoors.

Tangle-free design
The magnetic design on both sides of the earbuds allows the user to pinch the ear cups together while they are positioned on the neck.

Ultra long run time of up to 20 hours
The B28 transmitter has a built-in 1000mAh battery that can work for up to 20 hours. Enjoy the audio for more than a day!

Review Giveet JGZH Wireless Headphones Earbuds for TV
Giveet JGZH Wireless Headphones Earbuds for TV

  •  ♫ [Plug and Play For a true plug and play experience, use the latest Bluetooth technology and the included transmitter / headphone settings. Simply turn on the bluetooth transmitter and headphone and the pairing will complete automatically. You don't have to worry about complicated instructions, which is helpful for seniors. Connect a compatible 5-port USB charger to easily charge the headphone / transmitter.
  • ♫ [No sound delay and clear sound quality, equipped with the latest audio codec for fast streaming (= low delay, so that you can watch your favorite shows or movies with clear sound quality and perfect timing. BTWH-B28 also supports two speakers at the same time 1. Um to achieve sound Liposync, both headphones should support Fast Stream technology.
  • TW BTWH-B28 can be used with any fiber optic TV connection technology, extra audio output (3.5mm) or textured and compatible with your tablet / laptop / computer / TV / DVD player. 'Sign Up. Important note: 1) Red / white RCA audio output (If “Audio Output” is not selected, the audio input may not be compatible)
  • ♫ [Extra long distance] With our first-class Bluetooth technology and BTWH-B28, you can achieve a remote working range of 30 meters. You can listen to music while walking around your home without skipping or interrupting. Please note that the range is dependent on physical obstacles and wireless interference.
  • Working together and uncomplicated design provides extremely high versatility. Our hearing aid series can be used together or independently. Use the Z702 headset with a mobile phone, PC, or other Bluetooth-enabled device. Use Giveet B28 for a Bluetooth transmitter, which can activate speakers, AV receivers, and TV / PC via cinch, AUX, or optical audio output. Freely switch between wired and wireless, support / disable auxiliary input / disable / auxiliary output.

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