Review Giveet Wireless Gaming Headset
Giveet Wireless Gaming Headset

Giveet BTWH-M20C Wireless Gaming Headset with USB Audio Stick for Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite, Bluetooth Headphone with Rotatable Microphone for PS4 PC, Plug and Play, 40ms Low Response Time, Voice Chat-Games

High fidelity wireless headphone with USB Bluetooth Type-C audio transmitter, plug and play, fast pairing and no audio delay allows you to switch games.

This great innovation is a complement to Switch. It allows the switch to be charged while in operation and is combined with the M20C high speed amplifier in order to deliver loud, clear, and inconspicuous sound on the switch if needed. Around it is the perfect choice for getting rid of extra strands. Perfect for in-game voice chat on your Nintendo Switch.

Very compact
It looks a bit like switch design, really nice! It is very small and can be connected to the USB-C port of the adapter, which is very convenient and stable. Perfect for all commercial players.

easy to use
Display operating status with one button, easy to use. Connect the Bluetooth audio transmitter to the Nintendo Switch Type C port, and press and hold the pairing button. Once the M20C headphone is successfully connected, the indicator lamp will be lit pure blue.

There is no sound delay
Support USB digital audio output, very suitable for PC. No extra AUX cable required. Both devices have a low latency codec that can reduce the delay by 40ms and give you a great listening experience while watching live TV shows, games, etc.

Dual link support
The transmitter can be used to pair two Bluetooth headsets at the same time, so you can share games with colleagues or friends. If you need a second helmet, please search for: B086YGVX65.

Wide compatibility
Enjoy wireless audio on Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, PS4, desktop, laptop and PC.

Free integration
Use bluetooth headphones, and the transmitter can be used separately with other devices.

Perfect game
BTI-036 supports fast and low broadcast encoding, while M20C supports fast broadcast encoding. FastStream codec supports in-game music while talking, so it's great for video games.

Simple controls
Redial the desired number: Double tap MFB to place the last call. Answer / End / Reject the call: Short press the MFB button to accept the call and for 3 seconds to reject the call. Briefly press the MFB button to hang up. Volume Control and Change Song: Briefly press the volume + / button to increase / decrease the volume. Briefly press the up and down arrow keys to go to the next / previous track.

Noise canceling microphone
With CVC6.0 advanced noise canceling technology and updated chipset, almost all background noise can be filtered out, making it more clear when speaking and listening. It's pretty cool when it comes to sending and receiving, and really achieving two-way communication.

Review Giveet Wireless Gaming Headset
Giveet Wireless Gaming Headset

  •  🎮 [Game Channel Headset Setting and Playing] - Easy to use USB-C port. You can easily connect the adapter to the Type-C switch or USB port on the docking station TV, and pair with the M20C headphones, with one click to get two. Pair the two headphones quickly and easily. No extra battery or reader required. (Note: for audio only, not for keyboards, mice, game consoles, printers, and projectors.)
    🎮 [Ultra-Low Latency] - Both transmitter and headphone use FastStream technology, which allows you to enjoy smooth games with no sound delay, providing high-quality sound with perfect synchronization. The dual link function of the Bluetooth transmitter allows you to add a second pair of headphones to share the listening experience ((Note: To ensure that there is no delay, these two headphones must be used) It also supports fast broadcast encoding.)
    🎮 [Use Separate Magic to support in-game voice chat] - Plug a miniature microphone into the Switch's 3.5mm jack and use it to use in-game voice chat Have a very convenient chat and play with friends.
    🎮 [Free combination] - Use the M20C Bluetooth headset or the BTI-036 transmitter separately from other devices. The M20C bluetooth headphone comes with smartphones, laptops, etc. Thanks to its light and portable design, you can pair it with your phone for a very comfortable way to listen to music or talk outdoors. BTI-036 can pair with bluetooth headphone, speaker, antenna case, etc.with two headphones at the same time.
    🎮 [USB PD2.0 Charging] - Bluetooth transmitter equipped with USB PD Smart Charging, so you can easily charge the transmitter with the original charging adapter. The Nintendo Switch Nintendo Transmitter does not overheat and the transmitter constantly transmits audio wirelessly with extremely low power consumption.

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