Review GOFOYO 4 Finger Mobile Game Controller
GOFOYO 4 Finger Mobile Game Controller

GOFOYO 4-finger handheld game Controller for PUBG / Call of Duty / Fortnite, L1R1 button for recording sensitivity when shooting, 4.7-6.5 inch, iPhone and Android gamepad

The game console can be minimized left and right, compatible with most cell phones, and can be used with 4.7-6.5 inch cell phones.
Promote mobile shooting games to keep your hands from hurting you.
Enhance Gameplay Experience - Help the game to play smoothly.
Made of premium quality materials, comfortable and durable design. Flexibility, precision, comfort and ease of control.
Fire alarm button and target 2 switch can be reversed.

How to install:
1. Start the game and click "Settings - Controls - Custom".
2. Move the "Fire" button to the upper left corner.
3. Move the AIM button to the upper right corner.
4. Customize the shoot and shoot buttons under the touchpad for the portable game console in the panel.
5. Save your settings.

Review GOFOYO 4 Finger Mobile Game Controller
GOFOYO 4 Finger Mobile Game Controller

  • Perfect for passionate gamers: PUBG cell phone / Call of Duty cell phone / Fortnite cell phone / Survival / Survival rules / Button actions as long as the game allows modifications and drag buttons.
  • Comfortable control: Comfortable grip, long-lasting fatigue-free game, slug trigger, shooting, four fingers running at the same time, faster than running, for a better gaming experience.
  • Compatible with more phones: Applies to all 4.7-6.5 inch phone models, expands the phone to traditional consoles and makes large hands more comfortable.
  • 180 degree flip design: easy to install and high precision, it can improve game result. In fact, this handheld console is one of the mechanical version plugins that will never be discovered. Additionally, you can use your mobile phone as a controller for comfortable game design.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us with Seller and Buyer Information. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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