Review GOFOYO AK03 PUBG Mobile Controller
GOFOYO AK03 PUBG Mobile Controller

GOFOYO AK03 PUBG 25FPS Portable Game Controller, suitable for PUBG / Fortnite / Cod game consoles, suitable for Android and iOS phones

custom made:
Packaging: trigger x1, charging cable x 1.
Available Games: This console is mainly useful for recording games or other games that allow modifications and button movements.

how to use:
Console On / Off: Press and hold the "On / Off" button for a few seconds.
Mode switch: Press the "Stop" / "Play" button to switch between the quick and easy recording mode.
1. Only the left trigger has a quick click function.
2. Pictures between different mobile phone models may appear as local anomaly. Conveniently set buttons on your smartphone.
3. It can also be used when the phone is thin. To improve the gaming experience, it is highly recommended to remove it while using the game console.

Review GOFOYO AK03 PUBG Mobile Controller
GOFOYO AK03 PUBG Mobile Controller

  • Click 25 times per second. As automatic rifles, M16, SKS, Mini 14, SLR, MK47 are used. It supports one-click switching between one-button and quick-click modes. In quick tap mode, it can click 25 times per second.
  • Compared to similar products, our portable game console uses a unique design that provides lasting flexibility and protects the screen from scratches. The high-quality ABS conductive plastic material is durable and the simple design reduces the use of mobile phone screen and prevents the mobile phone camera and card from getting stuck in the game.
  • Easy to use, very sensitive, pay attention to the physical buttons. The PUBG controller allows you to use the thumb and forefinger of your left and right hands to move, adjust angles, aim and shoot at the same time.
  • The rear fan is equipped with a 6000RPM turbo fan that can reduce the phone's temperature. Mobile games can make your phone overheat, which could slow it down. With the cell phone heater, the cell phone can always work at the highest speed and extend the battery life.
  • Fits all iPhones and most Android phones without removing the phone case. However, we recommend that you remove the phone case to better cool the phone.

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