Homly Real Time GPS Tracking Device
Homly Real Time GPS Tracking Device

Homly GPS Tracker, No Monthly Charge, No Network, Real-time Mini Portable Off-grid GPS Tracker for Outdoor Hiking, Hunting, Bugaboo, Animal Tracker

This GPS tracker is an outdoor off-grid tracker for outdoor enthusiasts, their friends, family members, and pets for safe and exciting adventures. Anyone can check all (up to 30) real-time locations and paths of group members on the map, communicate with each other by sending SMS messages, send emergency SOS signals and much more, all without using services and data for smartphones!

Mountaineering guide
I am a climbing guide in Sweden. This GPS can help us manage the whole team. The screen that tracks each member's location in real time gives the impression that the whole team is in control, which is really cool!

GPS for kids
I took my kids on vacation in the woods to Texas. With the GPS, I can see where all the kids are in real time. If my kids have work and can talk to each other, that would be great.

Hunting assistant
I come from Austria, goTele is really a good hunting helper! While speaking, the SMS function can remain silent and avoid the fear of prey. In particular, the hidden antenna design is very suitable for using this GPS dog.

Follow the team away
I run airsoft club for military simulation games in Bulgaria. GPS provides almost the same team tracking function as army in simulation games, so it is a warm welcome to all our military enthusiasts.

Ski contact
I used these GPS units while skiing in Massachusetts. You can communicate with my kids in the mountains without needing a cell phone signal. It can also save us the way. very useful.

Ground flight assistant
I am the head of the mission team at the Chinese Academy of Paleontology. We use Homly for scientific research and field coordination, which greatly improves our work efficiency and ensures our safety. Thanks Holmly!

Keep track of pets
I'm from Alaska. One day my dog ​​crept outside. The worst part is that it fell into a snow pit. Thankfully, Holmley grabbed onto him and found it easy thanks to Holmley's background. he is.

Continuous rescue team
I am the assistant chief of operations for the K9 Rescue Team in Maryland, USA. With Homly we can track real time status of every member when cell phone signal is unstable. Homly makes our search and rescue operations easy and convenient.

Review Homly Real Time GPS Tracking Device
Homly Real Time GPS Tracking Device

  • [There is no monthly fee, no SIM card, and no off-network GPS tracker, so users can communicate directly without cell phone service and Wi-Fi
  • 【Tracking function, real-time tracking, SOS, geofence, offline map, information, waterproof, shockproof, anti-drop, anti-dust.
  • [Scope of application] This GPS tracker is suitable for outdoor lockers, hiking, fishing, wading, boating, hunting, exploration, camping, old people and pets. You can use GPS trackers to track your loved ones or anyone can keep them safe wherever you are.
  • Communication distance in the suburbs] 3-5 km, 1-3 km from the city center. It can be affected / disrupted by rough terrain / weather conditions / buildings / woods / electrical equipment.
  • [Important note] This GPS tracker is compatible with iOS or Android devices and requires at least 2 devices. Package includes: 1 package of GPS devices

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