Review HTQ Gaming Headset with Soft Breathing Earmuffs
HTQ Gaming Headset with Soft Breathing Earmuffs

HTQ Gaming Headset for PS4, Xbox One S, PC with Breathable Soft Ear Cover, Adjustable Microphone, Stereo LED Lighting, Xbox One Headset Compatible with Nintendo Laptops

Comfortable to wear

Compared to other gaming headsets, HTQ headphones have thicker earbuds that fit your ears perfectly and provide passive noise isolation. The ultra-comfortable ear pads can reduce hearing loss and heat sweat. Even if you wear it all day, you can still guarantee your absolute comfort.

360 degree flexible microphone
The Xbox One speaker can filter out most ambient noise and has advanced noise cancellation features that allow you to chat with other players for crystal clear clarity. If you want to enjoy valuable time without calling other players, you can turn off the microphone by operating the switch.

Light and comfortable

Lightweight design makes you feel comfortable, easy to carry and forget to wear, so that you can focus on the game instead of the headphone. If you wear it for a long time, you will not feel any discomfort.

Gentle on skin and durable
Noise canceling headphone design can achieve good noise isolation, and the diameter of this gaming headphone is suitable for different size ears. The leather earmuffs are covered with memory foam to make them soft but plastic for your ears and to prevent noise.

Ergonomic design
Our headphones have been tested on hundreds of different headphones for years. Retractable strap and breathable lining ensure perfect comfort for every player.

Comfortable, durable and adjustable
The headset has a cool lighting design that gives you great lighting when connected to a computer. The cool lighting of the earplugs can improve the atmosphere of the game.

Control line
The integrated voice control box has a volume control button and a mute wheel. These allow you to properly adjust the microphone and volume while gaming. It is very suitable for different games like "Halo 5 Guardians". 'Metal Gear Solid', 'Call of Duty', 'Star Wars Battlefront', 'Overwatch', 'World of Warcraft', etc.

Review HTQ Gaming Headset with Soft Breathing Earmuffs
HTQ Gaming Headset with Soft Breathing Earmuffs

  • [The HTQ Gaming Headset with Surround Stereo Amplifier provides excellent isolation from ambient noise, high-precision 40mm neodymium magnetomagnetic drive and precise acoustic positioning technology that increases the sensitivity of the vibrant sound field and the powerful sound of shock from sound. Using a responsive audio driver can help you see the direction of sound such as fire, enemy footsteps, and status indicators.
  • (HTQ platform compatible gaming headset supports PS4, PS4 Pro / Slim, Xbox One, Xbox One XS console, PSP, PC, laptop, tablet, iPad, mobile phone. Note: Older versions iPad Pro and Xbox One require an additional adapter (not included) to support this. The USB interface is only used to control the LEDs.
  • [Noise Canceling Microphone] HTQ Gaming Headset has a sensitive and adjustable microphone with noise canceling technology. It can filter out most of the ambient noise in your area and have real-time conversations without delay.
  • 【Excellent humanized design HTQ gaming headset provides the best ergonomics. Made of high quality, ultra-comfortable protein cushions that meet ergonomic requirements, and can reduce hearing loss and sweating caused by heat. Even after hours of use, the leather interior and headband can be connected comfortably and without disturbance.
  • [Customer Service] Each of our gaming headphones has gone through rigorous quality checks before it leaves the factory. If you have any questions, we will help you quickly and efficiently within 24 hours.

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