Review HUAWEI Q2 Pro Gigabit 5G Hybrid Router
HUAWEI Q2 Pro Gigabit 5G Hybrid Router

Huawei 53037169 WiFi Q2 Pro (1 Base Station, 1 Satellite) WiFi Router Hybrid Gigabit 5G Router Home Office Mesh Internet Router

  • Weak signal and slow connection? Sometimes walls in the house send weak and slow WiFi signals. For a better WiFi experience, you will need multiple routers to cover the entire distance.
  • [Where there are sockets, there is Wi-Fi network supported by Huawei Powerline Gigabit chip and PLC Turbo. Huawei WiFi Q2 Pro can effectively expand the broadband to 200Mbps. In addition, 15 satellites can be supported on one base, so you can enjoy high-speed WiFi anywhere.
  • [After connecting and enjoying the satellite WiFi connection, the base station WiFi name and password will be synchronized without any additional configuration. [The Huawei AI Life app has never been easier to manage a Wi-Fi network. The HUAWEI AI Life app lets you know what's going on, set speed limits and let visitors log in. Set WiFi timers, interrupt calls on your child's device, etc.
  • [Broadband connection from wired devices The Gigabit Ethernet port of the satellite effectively meets the high speed communication requirements of wired devices such as computers, televisions and NAS. The gaming experience, video playback, and data copying speed can be effectively improved.
  • 【Smooth roaming. Always connect to the best Wi-Fi Thanks to transparent roaming support and innovative routing technology, HUAWEI WiFi Q2 Pro can automatically switch between Wi-Fi frequency bands and the best hotspot after connection.

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