KEAINIKJ 256GB USB Flash Drive for iPhone
KEAINIKJ 256GB USB Flash Drive for iPhone

KEAINIKJ USB stick for iPhone 256 GB, iPhone Memory Stick, iPhone Photo Stick, External Memory for iPhone / PC / iPad / Android and other devices with USB Ports (256 GB, Blue)

  • Tired of saving notifications on your phone? Still worried about insufficient internal storage space?
  • ❤This portable 3-port USB flash drive can transfer files for all Apple products. Small and large multi-function memory is the world's first memory that can accommodate three connections.
  • 256GB flash drive, no need to pay for extra storage. Simply plug it in to take advantage of the device's additional storage space. XG Portable Drive is a great solution to transfer files, videos and photos from iPhone, iPad and computers.
  • Light connection can work in most cases. The USB 3.0 port can easily transfer content between devices. Flash Store also includes password protection file encryption software so you can protect sensitive files while sharing content. - -
  • Built-in appliances can be used almost anywhere. Save your favorite movies or TV shows to your computer on an XG flash drive and watch them anytime, anywhere. (Compatible with iPhone / iPod / iPad) Lightning interface and Apple licensed chip to ensure compatibility with all Lightning 100Z without generating annoying error messages

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