Review Logitech G Pro Flight X56 Rhino HOTAS
Logitech G Pro Flight X56 Rhino HOTAS

Saitek continues to lead the market for innovative devices for SIM card lovers. We launched the X-55 Rhino only two years ago, which inherited the logical evolution of the old X-52 Pro and the unique X-65F. The X-56 Rhino has taken all the feedback we have received about the X-55 and has refined this really good product. We are also taking the opportunity to interact with market developments. In the past two years since the launch of the X-55, the simulation environment has changed with the advent of space simulation games. In the peripheral market, RGB LEDs have also become the benchmark for high-end products. The Rhino includes two small analog joysticks that can be used to directly manage these factors. This is very useful for finding other space simulation control surfaces. RGB backlighting is included so you can customize the X-56 with the rest of the device. The mini analog joystick can be used for vertical, horizontal and side control for easy docking. Crystal weapons can be customized to make the target a rotating target while facilitating spaceship maneuverability. You can even set a wooden stick as your mouse pointer. All controls can now be customized so the X-56 is used better in virtual reality. In virtual reality, you need to make sure that all the controls are so close that it is very difficult to find a keyboard and mouse in the real world with a headphone that covers your field of vision - knowing which key to press. It is more difficult! Other main functions of the X-55-F.E.E.L adjustable spring tension mechanism. Throttle tension control. Large stationary bases, including those permanently placed in the cockpit; It really is the best HOTAS we have ever done.

The user interface of the new analog mini joystick
In modern space, control simulation simulator has become more complicated than traditional atmospheric flight simulation, which requires a lot of input to achieve real spacecraft control. It has to take into account the deflection, roll, yaw, backward, forward, up, down, left and right. Combined with the improved weapons that need to be controlled separately from the spaceship, suddenly a lot of control is needed.

For this reason, a new miniature analog stick is required. Four other control axes are provided. It can be obtained from H.U.D. It can be customized for each Game Hub function or programming program. Uncontrolled options are no longer a problem.

RGB backlight
Now many PC peripherals have RGB backlights and the X-56 is no exception. Use this program to adjust lighting color according to other playing equipment.

Ideal for virtual reality
The virtual reality experience is great, but it presents challenges where you can't see your hands which can lead to finding commands that need to be solved. The X-56 lets you place the controls completely under your finger, as the touch and subtle differences in the shape of the buttons make it easy to navigate groups of controls. Even the switches of the throttle base are overlapping or disconnected so that you can choose to keep it out of loneliness so you can freely focus on an immersive virtual reality experience.

Improved rod accuracy
In virtual flight (as in real flight), the accuracy of the aircraft's control surface is of vital importance. The user interface of the X-56 Rhino is very subtle thanks to the 16-bit wing and elevator shaft, both of which use Hall effect sensors. Saitek has developed a 16-bit hub solution from the ground up to achieve ultra-accurate flight.

Adjustable handle thanks to an advanced 4-spring system
An innovative, adjustable bar spring system allows the pilot to vary the force required to move the rod. Four different resistance springs provide a total of five different options. Choose a feather that suits your flying style, or don't choose a feather at all.

Double throttle with friction adjustment and throttle lock
Using two-engine throttle control is the only practical way to manage virtual twin-engine aircraft. The X-56 Rhino has two throttles - perfect for grounding and deactivating prime motors - and it also has the ability to adjust the amount of friction required to get it moving. If the plane you choose is a single engine, the easy-to-use throttle can effectively convert double throttles into a single unit.

The H.U.D. Programmable control can be achieved

Saitek software allows for full customization of all X-56 Rhino hubs and buttons. On the side of the axis, you can adjust the dead area and the response curve to adjust the axis and make it react like a real axis. On the buttons and switches page, you can assign any number of controls on the slide, such as: B. Post-firing, frame-change push, target lock and weapon set fire. The program also allows programming a range of mouse and keyboard commands, from simple one-key inputs to very advanced sync and macro commands.

Review Logitech G Pro Flight X56 Rhino HOTAS
Logitech G Pro Flight X56 Rhino HOTAS

  • Military-grade flight and space simulation accuracy: The X-56 Rhino offers many customizable options, including all control surface options needed to achieve the precise performance combat pilots demand
  • New analog joystick miniature user interface: step, roll, yaw, backward, forward, up, down, left and right user interface and rotating weapons controlled separately from the spaceship
  • RGB backlight: Many computer peripherals now have RGB backlights. X-56 is no exception. Use the software to set the light color to match with other play equipment
  • Ideal for virtual reality: The X-56 puts the controls completely under your finger as you can easily navigate between control groups with touch and subtle differences in the shape of the buttons.
  • Fully functional HOTAS system: 16-bit precision wing and elevator shaft with hall sensor. Adjustable viscosity thanks to an advanced 4-spring system. Double throttle with friction adjustment and throttle lock

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