Logitech G X56 Stick Simulation Controller for VR Gaming
Logitech G X56 Stick Simulation Controller for VR Gaming

RGB Throttle Control and Logitech G X56 945-000058 H.O.T.A.S. Joystick Emulation For VR games

The updated X56 HOTAS has a new black and gray paintwork. Not only does the appearance change, but the technical updates also change to respond to community feedback and provide a more amazing experience for all aviation enthusiasts. From fun racing games to accurate professional simulations. The X56 has many customizable options, including a small analog joystick that can be used to achieve 6 degrees of freedom above the spacecraft's degrees of freedom. The wand houses an offline 16-bit sensor, which provides the most accurate control on the market currently. You can improve it further by changing the response curve and dead zone. RGB lighting allows you to customize the look of the magic wand to make it a fully integrated part of the simulation setup.

Logitech G X56 HOTAS Controller
With the X56, HOTAS has been further developed to improve the virtual reality gaming experience and space simulation type. Provides full control functions including analog finger tips, RGB lighting, 16-bit elevator shafts and leaves, 189 programmable controls, and invisible black and gray surfaces.

6 degrees of freedom
6DoF provides six degrees of freedom required for reality in a 360-degree space: step by step, turn, tilt, backward, forward, up, down, left, and right.

Customizable backlight based on your settings
X56 provides you with the heroic environment needed for the best experience. Use our free, feature-rich software to customize full spectrum RGB lighting to your liking.

Virtual reality for virtual reality
X56 provides full screen headphone control (HMD) and virtual reality games. Put on your headphones and get the X56 for endless adventures.

Adjustable accuracy
A 16-position wing profile, a non-contact Hall sensor in the lift, and an adjustable spring tension system bring you a new level of sensitivity and joystick control.

Dual independent accelerator
It's ideal for controlling two motors, especially when one of them is disabled. Adjust the friction required to move each accelerator. The throttle lock also turns both throttles into a single engine throttle.

Over 189 programmable controls
Customize 13 Hubs, 5 HATS, and 31 programmable buttons in three modes. Adjust dead zone and response curve to adjust axis. Assign any key to any number of SIM card commands, and even set mouse and keyboard commands to X56. This ranges from entering at the touch of a button to specific sync commands and macro commands.

Review Logitech G X56 Stick Simulation Controller for VR Gaming
Logitech G X56 Stick Simulation Controller for VR Gaming

  • Military grade flight and flight accuracy. Customizable options, including all the control surface options required to achieve the exact performance required by a specific level of fighter pilot
  • New analog joystick miniature user interface: step, roll, yaw, backward, forward, up, down, left and right user interface and rotating weapons controlled separately from the spaceship
  • RGB backlight: Many computer peripherals now have RGB backlights. X-56 is no exception. Use the software to set the light color to match with other play equipment
  • Great for Virtual Reality: The X-56 puts controls right at your fingertips as you can easily switch between control groups using the nuances of button touch and shape
  • Fully functional HOTAS system: 16-bit precision wing and elevator shaft with hall sensor. Adjustable viscosity thanks to an advanced 4-spring system. Double throttle with friction adjustment and throttle lock
  • Cable length: 2 meters

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