Review Logitech K740 Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard
Logitech K740 Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard

Logitech 920-000914 K740 Ultra-Slim Illuminated Keyboard with Laser Engraved Backlit Keyboard and Soft Touch Kickstand

The backlit illuminated laser engraving switch provides accurate illumination and can be adapted to your needs. The ultra-slim 9.3mm shape gives every desk a touch of elegance. The PerfectStroke button system makes every button smooth and natural. Soft palm rest and full size button design helps you type more comfortably. System requirements: Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 USB connection.

Better to write day and night
Whether you're emailing late at night or pressing the project menu before dawn, the K740 keyboard can meet your needs. Glossy backlit buttons and super ergonomic design make writing the watch smoother, quiet and easy.

Backlit laser engraved keys
You can also write in the dark without any problems. The adjustable backlight ensures the keys are clear, bright and easy to read. The character lights up so you can see what you want to see without being disturbed.

Slim design
The ultra-slim and full-sized design are the perfect combination of style and function. The thickest part of the keyboard is only 1/3 inch (9.3 mm) thick to keep the desk clean.

Logitech PerfectStroke key system
It can distribute the printer evenly on the main surface, even if you press the edge of the keys, each keystroke can be quiet, natural and gentle.

Compact comfortable cushion with soft feel
The soft rubber coating improves comfort, places the wrists in a more natural position for writing and gives them a place to rest between writing.

Review Logitech K740 Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard
Logitech K740 Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard

USB Plug & Play

Simply connect your keyboard to your computer and start typing. Regardless of whether the keyboard is above your desk or on a shelf underneath the desk, a 6-foot cable is sufficient to reach your computer.

  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or USB connection
  • Laser-engraved buttons for backlight and manual brightness adjustment
  • Slim design and ultra-thin keyboard
  • Logitech Perfect Stroke Key System, palm rest
  • Full size layout. Warning: product is connected.
  • USB connection - To use the keyboard, just plug in the USB cable and start typing. The cable is approximately 6 feet long. If the cable is below or above the desk, just connect it to the desk

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