Review Logitech MX Keys Illuminated Wireless Keyboard
Logitech MX Keys Illuminated Wireless Keyboard

With the help of MX Key for Mac, take advantage of the power of Mac that works well on the main macOS system. The most advanced keyboard in the Master series features a dark gray surface treatment that matches perfectly with an iMac or Macbook Pro. MX Keys for Mac is engineered for efficiency, stability, accuracy and has dynamic backlighting.
MX Keys for Mac includes the Mac keyboard layout, and the spherical forked keys are designed to shape your fingertips. The backlight switch turns on when your hand is close and automatically adapts to changing lighting conditions.
Your finger easily slides over the rough surface of the button. The stability of the switch is improved, which reduces noise and at the same time improves response. The tactile reference for manual positioning makes it easy to maintain direction and flow.
MX Key for Mac can track broadcast compatible mice (such as MX Master 3 for Mac) from Mac to Mac. This means you can work on multiple devices with a seamless workflow. Type
The USB-C to USB-C charging cable maximizes the performance of your Mac's MX-Switch - it can connect directly to your Mac without a clunky dongle. It may take 10 days or 5 months to fully charge after the backlight is off. When charging is required, you will be notified with Logitech's option and the battery indicator will turn red.

  • MX Key for Mac is optimized for macOS and iPad which is compatible with Space Gray and has Mac key layout
  • Comfort, Stability and Simplicity - The keyboard design is compelling and offers unparalleled comfort, accuracy and stability. The beautiful simplicity and timeless construction goes perfectly with your Mac setup
  • Smart lighting - The backlight switch turns on instantly when your hand is closed and automatically adapts to changing lighting conditions
  • USB-C to USB-C Charging - With the backlight turned off, a full charge can take up to 10 days or up to 5 months (4)
  • The Perfect Key Travel - spherical design with separate buttons adapts to the shape of your finger - and features a Mac button design. You can set the Fn key font for your specific creative workflow
  • Multiple computers, single stream input on multiple Mac computers, tracking keyboard and mouse support streaming from one Mac to another. Just move the cursor and start writing (2).

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