Review Mafiti RK101 Wired Gaming Keyboard Mouse Comb
Mafiti RK101 Wired Gaming Keyboard Mouse Comb

Standard wired gaming keyboard, USB LED-backlit keyboard, 3200dpi RGB mouse, compatible with laptop desktop computers and business offices

Economical gaming keyboard and mouse bring you great experience
1. Compared with the real mechanical keyboard, the professional mechanical keyboard has almost the same feeling. 104 standard keys, 12 key combinations, extended distance key, concave key cover, hold key cover, clear tone, and 19 anti-ghost keys to ensure comfortable gaming. It works fine on PS4. Please note that this is not a real mechanical keyboard, but it is well worth it.
2. Ergonomic design of mouse and keyboard relieves your hands from fatigue
3. The computer keyboard uses rainbow LED backlight, and the computer mouse uses 7 colors of breathable lights. All these designs will make your keyboard and mouse look beautiful and you will not be bored with long term use. Thanks to the soft backlight, you can use it in the dark without damaging your eyes. The single color control button allows you to adjust the brightness of the keyboard backlight.

Review Mafiti RK101 Wired Gaming Keyboard Mouse Comb
Mafiti RK101 Wired Gaming Keyboard Mouse Comb

  • 【Use the USB RGB wired keyboard and mouse to be comfortable. Ergonomic design relieves fatigue from your hands. Whether in games or in the office, the professional mechanical feel can bring you a great experience.
  • Huge visual effects] rainbow keyboard backlight and 7 vivid colors of mouse make the computer keyboard and mouse a cool and beautiful combination, so that you can use it in a dark, cool and practical environment
  • [Improved durability] 5 million keyboard keys, 3 million mouse buttons, 4 dpi (1200/1600/2400/3200 dpi), laser-engraved characters, non-slip design
  • [Easy to install and widely used without driver. Supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems. Google Android TV Box Desktop and Tablet PC HTPC IPTV Smart TV Mac IOS Raspberry Pi all 63+ versions etc. Suitable for PS4 games.
  • [Confident stores offer a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days, a 12-month quality guarantee, and a professional customer service team for whatever reason you feel satisfied. If you have any problems, we are happy to contact the seller

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