Review Nighthawk RAX43 AX5 5-Stream AX4200 WiFi Router
NETGEAR RAX43 AX5 5-Stream AX4200 WiFi Router

NETGEAR Nighthawk AX4200 WiFi Router AX4 / 5 brings a new level of gigabit WiFi so you can connect, upload and download to the latest mobile devices faster. The powerful 1.5GHz triple core processor combined with a fully loaded processor can improve overall network performance. WiFi 6 features an OFDMA design that provides 3.5 times the data capacity of the previous standard and supports 160 MHz and 1024 QAM channels, greatly improving the network efficiency. The high-performance amplifier expands the range and provides reliable coverage for the whole family. NETGEAR armor provides advanced protection for your home network and connected devices from cyber threats.

Stream all content at the same time at high speed
You can now enjoy movies, games, video calls, etc. On all devices at the same time.

Connect to a home full of WiFi devices without any effect
RAX43's 5 WiFi Streams provide high performance and four times the reliability of a smart home device.

WiFi provides 6 faster speeds to meet your needs
With a fast WiFi speed of 4.2Gbps, you can download, upload and transfer 3.5 times faster than before.

Supports optical fiber encapsulation and the Internet at speeds up to 1 Gb / s
RAX43 supports the latest 1G internet plan. Simply connect the Internet to the WAN port using the Ethernet cable and you are ready to start sharing between devices.

NETGEAR Armored Threat Protection Advanced
Stop paying for multiple antivirus subscriptions. NETGEAR Armor's multi-layered security software protects all of your smart devices, smartphones, and connected PCs against viruses, malware and data theft.

Easy to configure and manage
Nighthawk app makes it easy to configure your router and get more benefits from WiFi. These include powerful features like internet speed test, remote network access and internet shutdown.

Review Nighthawk RAX43 AX5 5-Stream AX4200 WiFi Router
NETGEAR RAX43 AX5 5-Stream AX4200 WiFi Router

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