Review Osmewy GT025 Cat Dog Mini GPS Tracker
Osmewy GT025 Cat Dog Mini GPS Tracker

Osmewy Mini Cat GPS Tracker Dog Tracker Dog Cat Tracker GPS Locator Light Finder Anti-lost Geofence History Tracking Online Real-time Alarm Remote Control Free App GT025

  • Main function: mini pet GPS tracker, real-time location, historical path, geographic fence, waterproof life, vibration alarm, light search, remote switch, group management, remote control. Pet GPS Tracker is simple and easy to use. You can take your dog, cat or other pets with you, watch your cute animals and fight the victims wherever you are.
  • 【Without SIM card and 2G network SIM card. This device requires a 2G SIM card. Please confirm that your region supports 2G. Most regions support 2G (you can visit T-Mobile Store). SpeedTalk (T-Mobile member) offers 2G service that you can buy from Amazon. Our animal tracker requires at least 30 million data per month. You can buy a 2G SIM card for $ 5 per month. GPS tracking via SMS, GPSONE app or online web. Our platform is free of charge.
  • [Free application and no monthly fee: Insert the SIM card correctly into the tracker. When the battery is charged, press the button to turn it on (if not, please charge it). Please note that a card other than a SIM card cannot be used. Download the free "GPSONE" app, call the IMEI code (included in the tracker) and the password is 123456. Set the center number for alerts and monitoring. Note: If your SIM card does not activate GPRS data, but SMS only, then you will not be able to check historical paths and geofences in the app. But others can verify via SMS.
  • Geofence & Real-Time Tracking: Real-time geofence is ideal for your cute pet. If the distance is too large, you will get a notification on your phone. The 500mAh rechargeable battery can last about 5 days. Automatically receives alarm when battery power is less than 20%.
  • [Light Search and Anti-Lost]: If you find a pet at night, you can set the light search function in our GPSONE app. Then you can find your pet easily. The tracker is based on GSM, GPRS and GPS satellites and can be verified with standard maps, satellite maps or real maps. It can display location information with an accuracy of up to 10 meters. Tracking history can be saved for 6 months for your review.

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