Review Perixx PERIBOARD-106M Wired Performance Keyboard
Perixx PERIBOARD-106M Wired Performance Keyboard

 Perixx PERIBOARD-106M 11689 Full Size USB Wired Keyboard Classic Geometric Curved Keys Gray / White American English Layout

Perixx keyboard is full size with old design and colors. Arc switch design is suitable for long term use, with longer frame and longer stroke. PERIBOARD-106 is the perfect solution for offices and apartments. Durable and reliable keyboard, suitable for your work area. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or higher, 1 free USB port.

An old keyboard with size and comfort.
With original design for computer keyboard. Not only does the PERIBOARD-106M have a classic white / gray look, it also has a long main frame and arc design that provides satisfying haptic feedback and maximum comfort when typing.

The design of PERIBOARD-106M

This keyboard design is inspired by the M-Type keyboard, which combines ancient aesthetics with the latest technology to improve your typing experience.
PERIBOARD-106M brings antique charm to your modern look.

Ergonomic curve design
PERIBOARD-106M comes with a 6-foot cable and cable management system that allows you to store extra lengths of cables on the back of the keyboard to keep your desk tidy.

No MESSY cable
It has a curved keyboard frame and additional built-in adjustable feet to increase the slope. Ergonomic keyboard design.

Satisfactory editorial comments
Full size ball button can transfer satisfactory written notes from voice memo to reply button.
The keys have a recessed key cover that follows the shape of a finger each time it is inserted

Review Perixx PERIBOARD-106M Wired Performance Keyboard
Perixx PERIBOARD-106M Wired Performance Keyboard

  • Full size retro keyboard - classic gray / white keyboard color with vintage feel similar to original IBM keyboard; Size: 17.95 x 6.65 x 1.34 in
  • An easy-to-connect cable management system keeps your work area organized and tidy without interrupting tall keyboards
  • Responsive and comfortable keys with long travel distance and satisfying acoustic feedback
  • System Requirements - Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, 1 free USB port; Package Includes: PERIBOARD-106M and a manual
  • The ergonomically curved design switches with different heights can create a comfortable curve for long-term use

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