Review Perixx PERIBOARD-428 Mini Mechanical Keyboard
Perixx PERIBOARD-428 Mini Mechanical Keyboard

Perixx 11543 PERIBOARD-428 Mini Mechanical Keyboard, Designed by Kailh, Stealth Brown, RGB Backlit, Black, US English Layout

PERIBOARD-428 compact mechanical keyboard with arrow keys
PERIBOARD-428 is a 65% mechanical keyboard for productive work and play. Smooth and thin but durable aluminum frame and high quality brown switch. Designed to suit your production setup, wherever you are, you get the right recoil, stroke and haptic feedback.
Mechanical keyboard for work and entertainment

The mechanical keyboard is a good combination for typing and gaming that has apparent bumps and speeds without creating audio feedback that interferes with the office environment.

Quiet and shiny brown switch
It features a Kailh Brown key that provides a 3mm stroke distance and 45 ± 10gf thrust. It creates less noise, but the feedback effect is clear and has a satisfying click.

65% of keyboard functions
The keyboard has a compact 68-key design that saves desktop space and is easy to navigate, but still has the four arrow keys. This allows you to save desktop space, easily move the page up and down, and write and display your work without delay.

NK moved

With the help of NKRO (N-key flip) and anti-ghosting technology, you can quickly type and play, even if you press multiple keys at the same time, the keyboard can recognize all key inputs.

It also ensures that every keystroke can be recorded with blazing accuracy and speed.

Simple black design

PERIBOARD-428 is an all-black aluminum top shell, lined with sterling silver, without logo or label. No matter where you work or play, you can use the gorgeous minimalist theme on any desk.

4 Personal data
By pressing the Fn + key combination, six types of dynamic pre-set RGB lighting can be activated to achieve different lighting modes.

Review Perixx PERIBOARD-428 Mini Mechanical Keyboard
Perixx PERIBOARD-428 Mini Mechanical Keyboard

  • 65% of desktop and game keyboards - adaptive keyboards for normal and game mode, which can be used to convert the function of a Windows key to a Win Lock key; Shortcut: FN + Print Screen to switch or exit game mode; Optimized design, very suitable for desktop and gaming
  • Browner Switch - Precision mechanical performance with a 3mm stroke provides tactile functionality while being smoother and quieter than other mechanical switches that are great for office use
  • N-key scrolling - Each keystroke can be recognized separately, eliminating the feeling of being distracted while still providing a smooth typing or gaming experience
  • System Requirements - Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, 1 free USB port; Package includes: PERIBOARD-428 and a manual
  • Customizable Lighting - Customize and effect one RGB basic lighting mode with adjustable brightness and interactive lighting. Save and save your favorite spotlight

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