Review Philips PHPK03 RGB LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Philips PHPK03 RGB LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Philips Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - RGB LED Backlit Keyboard with Blue Gaming Keys and PC-N Switch - Anti-Ghosting

Philips mechanical gaming keyboard - the newest keyboard you need to know. Think of everything about a gaming keyboard and find it here! Philips, the brand you trust, gives you the best gaming experience. Ambiglow RGB backlight. The seven lighting has multiple modes, such as: B - breathing, continuous light, and ripple. The custom recording mode can meet your needs. Anti-ghost scrolling with the full N key ensures that every keystroke is correctly recorded, no matter how many keys you press. 5 additional dedicated macro keys (Y, U, I, O, P) to keep your progress. The special blue button provides players with a light tap button that allows them to simply press the button. The speed before driving is 2 mm. Low compressive strength 60g. Lethal accuracy. How long does it take to perform 50 million keystrokes? long time. Familiar and reliable. This keyboard has a durable braided cable and a long-lasting leak-proof feature.

  • Blue Switch - Philips takes full advantage of and optimizes the blue switch to create a custom blue switch. Celestial mechanical keyboard is the most popular mechanical keyboard for gaming keyboards. It provides players with lightweight buttons that can activate and execute quickly.
  • Anti-Ghosting - Fast and complex gaming keystrokes require advanced performance. The N key is fully scrolled and each key can be registered independently and without interference. So, no matter how many other keys are pressed or held at that time, every keystroke can be recorded correctly.
  • Designed to use -50 million keystrokes until the keys trigger an alert. Heavy duty braided cable can be used for a long time. The overflow prevention feature ensures that you never have to worry about keyboard crashing after bypassing the accidental flow.
  • RGB backlighting and 7-way Ambiglow lighting with Hiss, Always, Ripple, Pre-Record and Custom modes can enhance game and mood.
  • Dual Shot Keycaps - Use the included keycap remover to easily change keycaps into custom covers
  • Macro Keys - Use five other macro keys (Y, U, I, O, P) for manipulation

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