Review RIMETRACKING Prime Tracker Personal GPS Tracker
RIMETRACKING Prime Tracker Personal GPS Tracker

Prime Tracker Personal GPS Tracker - Small, Portable, Real-Time Tracking - 4G LTE - With SOS Button - GPS Tracker - Suitable For Seniors, Children, Cars, Vehicles, Travel (PrimeTracking)

See your loved ones
Never doubt the whereabouts of your children, older parents, or pets. one more time. Check them out in real time. Or set up a geofence and get an alert when crossing it.

Confirm or remove suspicions
suspicious? It's easy to tell if your concerns are reasonable. Take a look at your wife and find out the facts.

Stay in touch with your valuables

Keep labels on bags, backpacks, work items and purses. Losing things no longer means losing them forever.

It performs all operations that are almost undetectable
We said it and no one knew. It measures 3 inches long and less than half an inch wide. Prime Tracker Mini is easy to hide. Remote display without signal or sound.

Geofence and alarm settings
As long as the tracker enters or leaves your assigned area, you can easily set up and organize a geofence via SMS, push notifications or email and receive instant notifications. You will know when your loved one passes through the "safe" zone.

Use Google Maps for real-time tracking
Using Google Maps with satellite support, you can easily view your location, address and route directly in the app.

Detailed activities and change of location alerts and tracking logs
Knowing that someone is driving too fast or hesitating. Receive hazardous driving warnings, including speeding, rapid acceleration, heavy braking, and even cornering

Don't worry anymore and don't want to know anymore.
Prime Tracker Mini GPS Location Tracker shows you where your loved ones are, what your valuable assets are and where they are.

It is very compact, lightweight, detachable and sturdy, it can easily be stored in bags, backpacks, trousers and bags and you can receive notifications instantly with just one click on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Review RIMETRACKING Prime Tracker Personal GPS Tracker
RIMETRACKING Prime Tracker Personal GPS Tracker

  • New model for 2020, no more problems or quirks: make sure people get where they go or decide where they go. If they go too far, they'll be alerted. Monitor drivers, speed, safety and company logistics. Keep co-workers and husbands honest. Never lose your precious wealth again.
  • PLACE EVERYWHERE: The Prime Tracking GPS is small and light and can easily be stored in a stroller, car, backpack or bag. It is so small that it is almost impossible to see.
  • Follow anywhere in North America, anytime, anywhere: Follow easily and privately anywhere in the US, Mexico and Canada from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. A variety of devices and networks can be used wherever cellular services are available.
  • Instant access to information: With the latest 4G LTE, you can get location, movement and direction information at any time and update every 10 seconds in the smartphone app or the Office user interface.
  • ✅ Cost Control: $ 25 / month or 6 months $ 20 / month. You can cancel at any time without contract or activation fees. It comes with a SIM card.

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