Review RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK71 RGB Gaming Keyboard
RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK71 RGB Gaming Keyboard

RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK71 70% RGB mechanical gaming keyboard with independent arrow keys, function keys and brown keys and easy to change, up to 6 devices can be connected to achieve ultra-low latency connection

Win + Mac design for all users
Press FN + A / S to easily switch between Windows and Mac computers. The detailed layout of Windows + Mac can meet the needs of any user to work efficiently or change the game / work mode.

10 anti-ghosting buttons in BT mode
In wireless mode, 10 switches can be performed instantly and the switch can be wrapped completely over the wired connection. You can record at most one button at a time without losing characters in different modes.

Comfortable or extra 8 degree footbed
A comfortable 8-pitch wedge may not meet the needs of every user, so we'll offer them other options. It is up to you whether or not you add the magnetic fields.

Review RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK71 RGB Gaming Keyboard
RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK71 RGB Gaming Keyboard

  • Trusted dual mode with up to 6 devices: An advanced Bluetooth chip enables real-time key recording with extremely low latency. Up to 6 different convertible devices with FN + Q / W / E / R / T and wired devices in wireless mode will double your productivity and increase productivity.
  • Unusual shape and ease of use: The compact and simple design with 71 keys makes you a stylish office. Even those who have nothing to do with minimalism will indulge in the compact and functional design. The advice you might want to know is that a non-numeric keypad is the choice of most FPS players and leaves more room for mouse movement.
  • Create What You Want: Another innovative breakthrough in the RK71 is a high-performance, customizable engine with variable RGB effects. Even if you have other needs, the program will take good care of you, but you can always do 3 macro settings. Fully programmable buttons, multi-button call, call activation software, etc. More features are waiting for you. Driver link
  • Brown buttons moderate balance: When you always want to select the buttons and don't know which functions to select. Keep using coffee color with good, stable functions. Hurt to touch and reduce noise. These are two main features which will bring you more user-friendly and satisfying experience.
  • Adequate battery with a long service life: The heart of a wireless keyboard is the battery. Equipped with an updated 1000mAh battery, the RK71 does not meet your basic needs for everyday use. 3 hours fast charging time will connect to internet ASAP and won't stop even when you are tired. 360 hours standby time reduces charging time and extends battery life.

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