Review Rockspace AC2100 Dual-Band Smart WiFi Router
Rockspace AC2100 Dual-Band Smart WiFi Router

Rockspace WiFi-AC2100 dual-band smart WiFi router, 2033Mbps speed, MU-MIMO support and packet configuration, WLAN router with 1xWAN / 4x Gigabit LAN / 1x2.0 USB port, app control and simple SSID settings

The AC2100 WiFi Router is specially developed for home users, it covers an area of ​​1300 square meters, thanks to its advanced technology, the WiFi signal provides full power as well as smooth and silky signal transmission. Multiple Configuration Methods: Advanced Broadband Account Migration In addition to Web UI application settings and installation methods, you can also easily customize WiFi name and password, or use Advanced Broadband Account Automatic Migration to transfer the previous password to your home network. More easy to use, more attentive features for home users The unique feature of this router is the energy saving feature, which can save a lot of energy by knowing the rest time and keep going intelligently. Sleep mode. You cannot turn on panel lights via the WiFi RS app while you are sleeping. Router hours can also be easily adjusted via the RS app in the 'Timer' setting. Note: 1. Ensure that the AC2100 router is not in an enclosed space or surrounded by glass or metal objects. 2- Check the status of the Ethernet jack. Make sure the socket you connect to the router is not too old, or else the router's WiFi performance will be severely affected.

Review Rockspace AC2100 Dual-Band Smart WiFi Router
Rockspace AC2100 Dual-Band Smart WiFi Router

  • [2033Mbps network with SSID router WLAN has dual-band 1733Mbps at 5GHz, dual-band 300Mbps at 2.4GHz, up to 2033Mbps and intelligent management in one SSID through automatic identification for the best choice of equipment . Enjoy a blazing fast internet connection while playing online games and streaming videos in 4K resolution without interference, lag or interference.
  • [MU-MIMO and Beamforming Technology] The wireless LAN router connects to multiple devices via MU-MIMO, which reduces wait time, increases communication speed and improves transmission. Beamforming focuses on one-way dispersion of radio signals to ensure more stable and efficient signal transmission. With these two functions, this router can cover 1300 square meters of house area.
  • [Mobile control via RS application anywhere. Setting up this internet router couldn't be easier. The web-based user interface and app settings can be accessed over the phone so they can be set up and managed in minutes. These functions can be managed through the RS app, which is easy to find on Google Play Store and Apple Store. If you register and go to the application, you can access the remote control anywhere. If you support the device, WPS can be used as another connection option.
  • [Timer switch and power saving timer key can easily be used to prevent your child from surfing the internet excessively. The router has intelligent power saving functions that can be used depending on the usage of the network. If there is no client in half an hour or the traffic is less than 3 KB / s, the router, WiFi and USB flash drive indicators are disabled. When you want to sleep, you can turn off the light switch via the RS app.
  • [Data protection and data protection Worry-free security protection WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK provides a wireless security protocol and firewall to keep your home network safe from intrusion. The AC2100 router also supports black and white lists. You don't need to worry about strangers trying to steal your WiFi signal or internet data, which is likely to protect your network and privacy to the utmost degree.

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