Review TaoTronics TT-ND001 AC3000 Mesh WiFi Router
TaoTronics TT-ND001 AC3000 Mesh WiFi Router

TaoTronics Mesh WiFi Router, AC3000 Tri-Band Wireless Router / Extender for All Family Members 5000sqm 4 Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 Ports can connect up to 200 devices

A high performance WiFi router is required for home automation
Easily connect all smart devices to the new network control system, including automatic electric garage door cylinders, smart door security systems, bathroom shower fixtures, TV boxes, etc. It is very suitable for accessing wireless internet in large homes of up to 6000 square meters. (Includes the network router.)

Easy to install and connect
You can easily install and configure it in 10 minutes using the dedicated "TT Router" app (via Bluetooth). Router or satellite, every TaoTronics router can be connected to the gateway or placed anywhere in the house as a WiFi router / repeater for a fast network system setup.

Zero dead zone
The advanced technology can cover your entire home, detecting the fastest and strongest signal between routers and switching to your device in just 40ms for stable WiFi connection.

NAS cloud storage
Supports SSD connection or USB flash drive with USB 3.0 interface, so you can set up independent local area network (LAN) to easily share resources across multiple devices and use it as cloud storage to free up storage space to save device.

Smart parental control
Manage children's online activities by filtering content / websites, tracking their browsing history and placing restrictions on internet use to keep parents calm.

Secure network
Comprehensive network management functions like network status checking, device monitoring, device speed control, network protection, MAC address filtering, etc.can prevent internet threats and fraud.

Independent visitor Wi-Fi
Create a separate WiFi network so that your visitors can access the Internet without sharing the WiFi password at home to ensure that your home network remains private, secure, and reliable.

Review TaoTronics TT-ND001 AC3000 Mesh WiFi Router
TaoTronics TT-ND001 AC3000 Mesh WiFi Router

  • AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi: It can maintain high-performance 2.4GHz connection even over long distances. The 5.0 GHz bandwidth supports high-speed internet surfing and an additional 5, 8 GHz frequency band, to reduce network congestion, ideal for any shape, size, home or place connected to the Internet
  • Full coverage, no dead zones: Enjoy smooth or seamless surfing. It only takes 40 milliseconds for your device to check the basic connections of all routers and switches in your home network. We recommend one router for each floor and the other for a home router of 2,500 square meters
  • 200 devices per router: Use this powerful WiFi router as a base for setting up your smart home and using high speed WiFi, which can be used to broadcast high-demand devices such as 4K TV boxes. Each router supports up to 200 devices with stable connections
  • Maximum bandwidth of 500Mbps: Provide an efficient wireless range for all smart devices, especially service providers that provide speeds of 200Mbps or more. Use TaoTronics to quickly upgrade old routers and improve the lane experience thanks to mesh networking technology
  • Simple App Control: The TT Mesh app for Android and iOS enables simple network settings within 10 minutes (one line required!), Guest Wi-Fi, smart parental controls, network protection, network management, home remote control distance, etc.
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet wired connections: Provides fast wired connections to high-speed devices such as Xbox consoles. Connect flash drives or SSDs to your local cloud NAS service. Thanks to the aluminum alloy heat dissipators and direct heat dissipation, the grid planer will continue to operate smoothly for the next few years, remaining cool at full load

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