Review Thrustmaster T300 RS GT PS4 PC Racing Wheel
Thrustmaster T300 RS GT PS4 PC Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster launched a new road bike T300RS GT with T-1080R feedback and official Gran Turismo approval. T300RS GT is a crystallization of years of experience and a combination of our advanced technology. It is equipped with HEART technology and brushless motor.

Officially licensed Gran Turismo T300 RS GT racing bike
The good story never ends: After the success of the T300 RS, Thrustmaster and the GT have once again teamed up to provide players with a realistic and robust driving experience without compromise: the T300 RS GT.
The GT Special Edition of the T300 RS provides a new look for the removable GT Style wheel and pedal assembly.

Detachable GT racing bike
Removable and realistic racing bikes have a diameter of 28 cm, hardened rubber paint all over the wheel and the official GT logo in the center of the steering wheel.

Complete ride control: 13 control buttons (2 of them on the base) + 1 D-pad.
Official PlayStation 4 buttons (PS, Share, Options) include the following: You can always access new social features by instantly switching between the game and the system.

2 large sequential switches on wheels
Sequential changes can be made with two large switches (13cm high), a 100% metal bike-mounted gear selector and a high-quality and lightweight touch switch (more than 10 million on time).

T3PA-GT Edition pedal kit
For the GT special edition and a little more realism, the kit features a T3PA-GT Edition three-pedal kit and a 100% metal interior. The height and distance between the accelerator pedal and the clutch pedal can be adjusted. The brake pedal has progressive resistance and has a rubber conical brake mode.

High quality servo motor
Combined with a powerful brushless industrial servo motor (friction-free mechanism) under the hood, it also ensures an even and very homogeneous reaction force. With the engine mute function, you can focus on the excellent driving performance.
Power effect responsive and realistic, no delay.

New dual belt system
The new 1080-degree dual-belt system provides extremely smooth and quiet feedback and an incredibly realistic force effect: it feels on the road, not the inner mechanism of the wheel.

heart. HallEfect AccuRate Technology
Thrustmaster's development team precisely improved the engine's impressive functionality by combining H.E.A.R.T's HallEffect AccuRate technology with offline magnetic sensors: The technology delivers 16-bit accuracy while the flywheel is 65536.

Thrustmaster quick release system
With the Thrustmaster quick release system, you can quickly switch between bikes in seconds. This innovative concept gives wheelbase owners the option to purchase discrete and detachable Thrustmaster bikes for use in conjunction with existing chainstays. Enjoy the sense of perfect reality in all kinds of competitions!

Review Thrustmaster T300 RS GT PS4 PC Racing Wheel
Thrustmaster T300 RS GT PS4 PC Racing Wheel

  • Gran Turismo and PLAYSTATION4 / PLAYSTATION3 are officially licensed racing bikes.
  • An advanced running simulator with 1080-degree feedback function. Industrial brushless motor is very soft and smooth motor that can generate reaction force
  • RACING GT model detailing: 28cm racing bikes with brushed metal center rails. The entire bike is made of reinforced stretch fabric.
  • GT EDITION pedal set: It has 3 adjustable metal pedals: metal pedal, accelerator pedal and adjustable clutch pedal (height and distance).
  • Ecosystem support: Compatible for PS4, PS3 and PC with detachable Thrustmaster wheels (Alcantara version installed on 599XX EVO 30 wheels, LeatherTM 28 GT wheel carrier, Ferrari F1 wheel carrier, Ferrari GTE wheel carrier, etc.). Compatible with PS4, PS3 and PC with Thrustmaster 3 T3PA-PRO pedal kit, compatible with PS4, PS3 and PC with TH8A transmission (TH8A-Thrustmaster TH8 add-on module).

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