Review Thrustmaster TMX PRO PC XOne Racing Wheel
Thrustmaster TMX PRO PC XOne Racing Wheel

Pro Sim riders can now enjoy the quality of Thrustmaster 4469023 TMX Force Feedback wheels and award-winning Thrustmaster T3PA pedals, a plus. Good job of running dream! Offer a complete racing simulator solution at a great price!

TMX PRO: immersion and realism in racing games on XBOX ONE and PC
Racing simulation enthusiasts will appreciate the quiet and responsive wheel reaction force to encourage immersion in the game, close to the real world.

TMX PRO has been developed for different types of drivers: thanks to its ergonomic design and numerous built-in technologies, it is ideal for all types of racing games (Rally, F1, NASCAR and even GT).
TMX PRO includes the Thrustmaster T3PA 3 pedal kit.

Current scale
The diameter of the rim is 28 cm. This makes TMX PRO an ideal choice for all types of racing games. Experience the excitement from different types of track - Formula 1 racing, intense rally racing and lots of fun with 4WD in between.

Wheel rotation 900 degrees
The wheel can spin up to 2.5 revolutions, allowing unparalleled control over every revolution.
The large steering angle (270 ° to 900 °) makes X PRO TM as accurate as possible in all competition.
100% metal voter stock

TMX PRO has an all-metal toggle switch.
Similar to the transmission of high-performance cars, the ergonomic design achieves excellent handling and unique transmission effects.

High performance feedback
The resistance instructions included on the T150 PRO (PS4 / PC) and TMX PRO (Xbox One / PC) racing bikes are highly customizable and offer various options to customize performance. Thanks to powerful feedback and steering wheel response, the virtual driver can steer with the precision needed to continuously improve game performance.

Quiet belt system
T150 PRO (PS4 / PC) and TMX PRO (Xbox One / PC) unique Force-Pulley-Force-Feedback-System and ultimate Thrustmaster racing functionality.
The system can smoothly and transparently control the reaction force while generating the engine noise.

Learn about TH8A
The T150 PRO (PS4 / PC) and TMX PRO (Xbox One / PC) racing cars are compatible with Thrustmaster's 100% TH8A metal gearbox (sold separately).
The TH8A's design is inspired by real cars (with a removable gear knob) and allows for two different shift modes: H mode (7 + 1) or Serial (+/-) mode.

Review Thrustmaster TMX PRO PC XOne Racing Wheel
Thrustmaster TMX PRO PC XOne Racing Wheel

  • The official racing simulator for Xbox One and Windows.
  • 900 degree feedback system: hybrid disc and gear system with metal ball bearing shaft.
  • It comes with a T3PA pole kit with 3 pedals: 100% metal pedals and an inner frame. 3 fully adjustable pedals.

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