Review Thrustmaster USB Joystick for PC
Thrustmaster USB Joystick for PC

Thrustmaster 2960623 USB Flight Joystick - the only entry-level joystick with a view button.

The Thrustmaster USB joystick fits comfortably in a natural grip and has three buttons for action, trigger and throttle. It's a very attractive and functional video game console, yet relatively inexpensive. Whether it's a midnight bomb attack on a global hotspot, a trip into a darkroom, or fighting shock absorbers in Indianapolis, the Thrustmaster USB joystick provides you with the service at a great price. Below average price for half a PC game.

Thrustmaster's more expensive joystick is comparable to a typical entry-level joystick, but offers great comfort. Pilots will especially appreciate the eight-position toggle switch on the "hat" module, which is ideal for getting into the aircraft and its surroundings. Pilots and pilots alike will appreciate the comfortable molded grip, palm rest, and multi-button / trigger setting. Although the device has an accelerator pedal attached to the base, it can provide a sense of simulated and precise control of the aircraft's speed, but not the haptic response to power or wireless operation. .

Thrustmaster USB joystick is compatible with all Windows games and 4 new Windows versions (Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP). Thrustmaster gives a two-year warranty on the device.

  • The only beginner joystick to have a View button
  • With the viewpoint button, you can easily control the camera and integrate it perfectly into the game
  • 3-axis, 4-button and trigger for full control
  • The ergonomic handle with increased support provides the best gaming comfort
  • Counterweight base with non-slip rubber pad for perfect hold

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