Review Tinydimple Magnetic Gf07 Mini GPS Tracker
Tinydimple Magnetic Gf07 Mini GPS Tracker

Magnetic GF07 Mini Real Time Magnetic GPS Tracker Vehicle Location Small Hidden Vehicle Anti-theft Tracker

  • Real-time GPS tracking] Real-time tracking of vehicles, valuables and relatives. Our Global Positioning System (GPS) uses satellite technology to give you an accurate location.
  • [Invisible anti-lost device] Black cover, easy to conceal, very suitable for vehicle tracking, youth, old people or active people.
  • 【Built-in strong magnetic absorption function. As long as there is a metal, it can be placed directly and it will automatically attract the magnet.
  • Use] To insert the device, you only need a working SIM card (not included!). You can then track and map online in real time (using Google Maps).
  • Small and practical: a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-carry GPS device. Can be put in pocket, pocket, etc. at any time.

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