UNIDEN R3 EXTREME Long Range Laser / Radar Detector with Recording Power, Built-in GPS with Quiet Memory, Sound Alarm, Red Light and Radar Alarm, Multicolor OLED Display

Uniden R3 is the most advanced radar detector. The R3 has an integrated GPS function. You can set the geolocation where you will usually encounter radar broadcasts. These cameras can be school areas under red lights and places where police frequently monitor traffic. You can define these points so that the detector displays "the user logo in front of you" when approaching, and the audio notification feature allows you to know when you are near the radar and the type of radar (red light speed, etc.).

  • Unlimited range and sensitivity - Industry leading performance with advanced false positive filtering is the choice for pilots who require the highest level of overspeed protection.
  • GPS Technology - Using the Global Positioning System (GPS), the R3 can memorize and remove common false positives (such as automatic doors in retail stores) on normal driving routes so you don't have to hear the same alarm twice.
  • Red light, quick camera warning, pre-installed red light, quick camera positions, plus free firmware and database updates ensure that your detector is never out of date.
  • The easy-to-read multi-color OLED screen can display more useful information at the same time. It can increase your awareness of the general situation.
  • Voice alert - Voice alert enables hands-free operation and ensures clear calling. The audible alarm can be programmed based on your driving style, so that you can focus on the road without being distracted.
  • The R3 extended false alarm filter has an extended K / KA range filter that can trigger the least false alarms from the blind spot monitoring system and avoid collision with other vehicles.

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