Google proposes a new tech hub that looks like a city
Google proposes a new tech hub that looks like a city

Google has proposed a new tech center in its historic hometown of Mountain View and plans to convert the 40-acre design into a mixed-use hub, including clusters of homes, businesses and communities in city-style tech parks. Void.

Middlefield Park's master plan provides a technology hub that includes an office space of 1.33 million square feet, commercial use of up to 30,000 square feet, up to 1,850 residential units and an office space of 20,000 square feet. Municipal space and events. Excluding 12 hectares of vacant land.

Mountain View is also forcing developers to include residential areas in large commercial buildings, while Midfield Park plans to provide up to six apartment buildings, including 1,675 to 1,850 new homes.

The company's project aims to provide 20% of its residential area for affordable housing.

While Google will retain most of the ownership of the center, most of the open spaces will be open to the public, including many parks that could be used as entertainment centers and water centers for football fields.

Here is one of my well-designed mixed-use community plan ideas. Michael Timoff, Google's real estate manager, told Mountain View Voice that there are many needs and services within walking distance of your home and business.

The research giant has teamed up with Australian property developer LendLease on the project.

In addition to Google's other expansion plans, the latest plan also includes the largest multipurpose center located 10 miles south of Mountain View in downtown San Jose.

The project covers an area of ​​80 hectares and covers more than 7 million square meters. The city has yet to approve the project plan by early 2021, including hotel spaces, parks and apartment buildings. At a great height.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, announced that the company will invest $ 1 billion in developing at least 15,000 new homes in the San Francisco Bay Area a year after its launch.

Pichai said at the time: There are more than 45,000 Google employees in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Soon tech companies, including Facebook and Microsoft, followed suit, pledging to build more homes in their future neighborhoods during the housing crisis.

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