Review Valentine One V1 Gen 2 Radar Detector
Valentine One V1 Gen 2 Radar Detector

Valentine V1 Gen2 Radar Detector is an all-new security tool, even the most advanced version of V1. His performance is clearly at the top. Inside the new magnesium case is a new, patented radar search engine, which has been adapted according to CHIRP's military radars concept to find darker targets more accurately. In V1 Gen2, the Ka-band effect is much better. The K range has also been improved. Our new SAW-D2L and LNA technologies greatly increase the range compared to the conventional V1 drive and at the same time provide a flux boom. A quick guide to installing the windshield sunscreen power cord that comes with the Valentine 1 Gen2 Radar Detector is an 8-foot straight cigarette lighter, live wire adapter, and harness connector. Against the system to improve blind spot detection for new cars and reduce false alarms through automatic door opening devices. Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 technology can establish wireless connection with Apple or Android smartphones and tablets. The free V1Connection app, running on your device, gives you a revolutionary new way to analyze the flow of V1 Gen2 threat information in real time. You can also access future firmware updates

  • Detection of ultra-broadband X, K, Ka and Ka
  • 360 degree protection, it can withstand all kinds of lasers
  • Rear radar antenna
  • Ku band detector
  • Trend indicator

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