Review VIVO Racing Wheel Stand with Gear Shifter
VIVO Racing Wheel Stand with Gear Shifter

VIVO Racing Wheel Tire with Gear Box and Pedal (without wheels, gearbox, pedals), suitable for Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec, compatible with Xbox, Playstation 3, PC games (STAND-RACE1A)

VIVO Racing Bike Mount (STAND-RACE1A) gives your game settings a whole new feeling! Spend time on the elegant road with this durable, adjustable stand. The mount is specially designed to fit most bikes, gears and pedals on the market and is compatible with Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster, etc.! The sturdy steel frame is carefully designed and features scratch resistance, safety, and long-term use that can accompany your gaming adventure for years. The adjustable design provides tilt and pedal support and can adjust the length in 5 steps to suit your height. All installation materials and instructions are included so that you can assemble a new bike frame instantly and improve the playing experience!

Adjustable design
The racing steering wheel tire matches your preferred settings with a 23.6-inch to 32.1-inch height adjustment and a 9.4-inch height adjustment. The wheel cushions and pedal arches can be adapted to your preferred driving style.

Strong environment
Steel frame and durable design give you more control so you can keep improving the game and need the extra support a steel tire can provide.


  • Logitech: G25 / G27 / G29 wheels, G920 traction engine
  • Thrustmaster: T300RS / T300GTE / T500RS wheels, TH8RS drive gearbox
  • Fanatec: Club (CS) sport bike / CS pedal / CS handbrake / PORSCHE 911 GT2 bike
  • Gearbox installation: left or right
  • Weight capacity: 44 pounds

Technical index

  • Frame Material: Steel (Black)
  • Product size: 16.5 '' x 25.4 '' x 32.1 '', Size (folded): 16.5 '' x 33.8 '' x 6.3 ''
  • Gear size: 5.4 x 5 x 1 in
  • Height adjustment: 23.6 '' to 32.1 '', Height adjustment: 9.4 '' (5-step setting)
  • Wheel tilt: + 30 ° / + 15 ° to -30 ° / -15 °, tilt when pedal is installed: + 10 ° to + 20 °

Frame extension
First, place the pillow under each foot and attach the foot to the bottom of the stand. Then release the handle in the middle of the tape and pull the tape out. Then remove the handle holding the shaft in the folded position. Raise the post and use the included hardware to secure the vertical support to the base.

Set point
Tilt the wheel support plate to the desired angle, insert the device to ensure the tilt angle, and tighten with the Allen key. Then remove the handle and screws from the pedals. Move the control panel to the desired position and re-install the screws. Then set the pedal to the desired angle and reinsert the handle that was previously removed.

Additional transmission
After you have set the shaft to the desired height and tightened the support handle, use the provided parts to mount the gear mount bracket to the left or right of the wheel support plate, and then tighten it. That, and then install the gear bracket on the support frame. The stand can be installed either close or remote.

Cable ties and pleats
Attach a zip link to the prism to manage cables and keep the setup clean. To fully fold the installation, simply remove the lower handle from the vertical support and carefully bend the shaft down. If necessary, loosen the middle handle to increase the space. Finally, replace the side handle.

Review VIVO Racing Wheel Stand with Gear Shifter
VIVO Racing Wheel Stand with Gear Shifter
  • Racing steering wheel The powerful and adjustable racing steering wheel gives you a real gaming experience when you conquer the track or dominate the sky. This product only includes the gear clutch and pedal holders, so you can choose your favorite steering wheel, gear lever or pedals.
  • Compatibility - Universal design for most road bikes, adapters and pedals on the market including Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec. The setup is also compatible with most game software, including Xbox, Playstation 3, and PC video games. It has a left or right gear holder and the entire tire can hold up to 44 lbs.
  • Adjustable - To get the best gameplay, it is important for your device to adapt to your driving style. The stand has a tiltable bike frame that can be adjusted up, down, front and back and an adjustable pedal frame with tilt and height adjusting functions in 5 levels according to your size.
  • The product has compact design dimensions of 16.5 x 25.4 x 32.1 inches. It's compact in design and easy to store when not in use to save space. Also a space-saving alternative to a full cockpit setup. You can even use your own seat!
  • Thanks to pre-drilled mounting points and easy-to-assemble wheels, change levers and pedals, it can be installed quickly and easily. All materials and instructions are provided so you can assemble your new racing wheel tire and get ready to go anytime!

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