Review WISFOX Full-Size Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo
WISFOX Full-Size Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo

WISFOX wireless keyboard and mouse, full size wireless mouse and keyboard, 2.6GHz wireless USB combination of keyboard and silent mouse for desktop, laptop, Windows

Portable wireless keyboard and mouse set
With a keyboard with 104 keys and a precision mouse, you can now perform all your home / office tasks perfectly. This excellent combination of wireless keyboard and mouse brings you more convenience and improves your work efficiency.

All you have to do is use a very small nano receiver to wirelessly connect the keyboard and mouse to the computer. This eliminates the need for multiple receivers and a reliable wireless range of 10 meters

The nano receiver can connect keyboard and mouse at the same time.
WISFOX set of full size wireless keyboard and mouse with numeric keypad and precision mouse.
Wireless keyboard and mouse, professional design for home and office, tap and hold for silence.
The ultra-thin design takes up less space and is easy to carry.

Multimedia shortcut key

The wireless keyboard has 12 multimedia keyboard shortcuts that allow you to easily and quickly access music, email, home page, etc.

3 dpi can be selected
The 3D Wireless Mouse (800-1600) can meet your various office needs.
The USB receiver is attached to the mouse battery box.

Wireless full size keyboard
The wireless keyboard and built-in keyboard provide reliable and accurate transmission so you don't have to worry about lost or left letters.

Comfortable writing angle
The keyboard has a slightly tilted design and the back is slightly higher than the front, which greatly reduces hand fatigue when typing.

Volume down button and mute button
Every balanced point of use is more comfortable and clicking noise is quieter. Even if you work at night, it won't affect your comfort at home, but it will allow you to focus on work.

Plug and use
The radio signal has a range of 2.4GHz 30 meters. Simply connect the receiver to any USB port and quickly create a permanent connection to the keyboard and mouse (up to 10 meters).

Review WISFOX Full-Size Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo
WISFOX Full-Size Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo

  • ▶ [2. [4G Fixed Wireless Connection]: The mini receiver can only be connected to keyboard and mouse via USB connection, Plug and Play, no drivers or other options. 2. 4G wireless technology, more stable connection, effective wireless range up to 35 feet. The USB receiver is connected to the mouse battery. Only connect keyboard and mouse to the nano receiver.
  • ▶ [12 Key Combinations]: The silent key is a comfortable and easy way to type and click. Hotkeys provide easy access to applications and media controls. This silent wireless keyboard has 14 easily accessible function keys to control multimedia content like video, music, email, etc. And it is very suitable for leisure, classroom and office, saving you time and making your life and work easier. Suitable for family, office and travel.
  • ▶ [Modern full size keyboard]: The integrated full size keyboard includes keyboard shortcuts for quick access, multi-function keys and an integrated numeric keypad. Thanks to the specially curved slim keyboard, your desk is unique and elegant. The splash proof feature prevents the internal components of the Wireless Keyboard from being damaged by accidental coffee or water. You can focus on working and enjoying your tea time while you type.
  • ▶ [For the ergonomic design of the Wisfox wireless keyboard and mouse with a resolution of 1602 dpi, you can easily change the sensitivity of the cursor and track it more smoothly on different surfaces. The sleek, simple, elegant and compact keyboard design provides easy and intuitive input and clicking effects. The navigation line fits perfectly in your hand and reduces hand fatigue. Ergonomic design.
  • ▶ [DURABLE AND HIGHLY COMPATIBLE]: The combination of mouse and keyboard is very durable and compatible with Windows 2000 / ME / XP / Vista / 7/8/10. Suitable for desktop computers, personal computers, laptops, personal computers and smart TVs. (The keyboard consists of one AAA battery and 3 AA mice. Batteries are not included.)

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