Review Xiberia V22UR Gaming Headset for PC
Xiberia V22UR Gaming Headset for PC

Xiberia V22 Gaming Headset for Powerful Virtual 7.1 Bass USB Headphone with Plug & Play Noise Canceling Microphone

Enhanced bass and virtual 7.1 surround sound
The V22 computer speaker is an upgraded model of the V20 headphone. Based on the comments and requests from many customers, our audio engineers can deliver powerful bass sound to the V22 so you can enjoy better, deeper and more enjoyable surround sound while gaming.

Noise canceling microphone
The game microphone is flexible, retractable, and easy to use. Cardioid microphone reduces ambient noise, improves sound quality, and picks up your voice clearly and loudly. You will communicate with others smoothly through this product.

Fits you comfortably
As an upgrade product, the V22 has larger ear cups, an easy-to-adjust headband and thick foam pads. Provides lightness and comfort, and is suitable for long games.

Additional software for more functions
The USB V22 Headphone is a plug and play headphone. Plug it into computer USB port, change audio settings, headphone is ready for use.

For Windows devices, you can download and install plug-ins to get more audio features like enhanced surround sound, microphone with audio crossover, etc. You can download this program from Jeecoo website.

Review Xiberia V22UR Gaming Headset for PC
Xiberia V22UR Gaming Headset for PC

  • Professionally tuned bass sound for gaming: Jeecoo V22 for PC headphone with two 50mm speakers tuned by professional and enthusiastic gamers that can deliver loud, clear, rich sound and download 7.1 audio software that can bring deeper bass and more stronger surround sound.
  • Suitable for Long Gaming Sessions: The gaming headphones with thick and soft foam pads on the headphone and headband can reduce external noise and ensure you enjoy long and comfortable gaming sessions. The large earmuff is suitable for large ears and the adjustable headband is also suitable for large heads.
  • Headphones with Microphone: These USB headphones are equipped with an upgraded cardioid microphone that reduces background and surrounding noise and picks up your loudest voice. You will enjoy clear and clear voice communication with others.
  • Plug and Play USB Headphone: This gaming headset comes with a USB plug and is compatible with PCs, PCs, Laptops, and Macs. Plug in the USB plug, change device settings and turn it on! There is volume control, microphone on / off and RGB light on / off on the built in controller which is easy to use.
  • HIGH QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE: Jeecoo Game Headphones are under strict quality controls in every product line. From the day you buy Jeecoo products, we provide customers 24/7 customer service and professional troubleshooting.

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