Review YIYI_STORE Anti-Theft Mini GPS Tracker for Children
YIYI_STORE Anti-Theft Mini GPS Tracker for Children

YIYI_STORE 7545894076 Kids Mini GPS Tracker Portable Personal SMS GPS Tracker GPS Tracker For Older Children And Pets No Monthly Fee (20 Years Free Use)

[Small, Easy to Install GPS Tracker] - Lightweight and discreet GPS tracker, so it is not easy to find. It's small enough to slip in a child's pocket, hide in a pocket, or hang around the neck of an older parent. You can still view the real-time GPS tracking path through the app and read the 180 days route. Weatherproof IPX5 ensures stable performance in harsh environments. So you don't need to worry too much about your family's safety

  • [Wide use of GPS tracker] GPS tracker is a compact portable GPS tracker with rope which is widely used for personal GPS tracking, for example b. To track the location of kids / kids / children / seniors / teens / parents; GPS trackers are also ideal for tracking pets via GPS, for example B- to track the real-time location of dogs / cats / animals. GPS tracking devices can be used to track valuable assets such as suitcases / bags / bags suitable for travel / hiking / jogging / walking / sports. This is very helpful.
  • [SOS call with two-way conversation function - In case of emergency, press the SOS button for more than 3 seconds. The device sends the SOS call to the pre-set SOS number and dials the number in 3 circles until the call is answered. Kids GPS tracker with built-in microphone and speaker enables two-way communication when parents are separated from children.
  • [Geofence alarm] Set the home fence alarm (200-5000m) to receive real-time notifications for family members entering or leaving the geofence area via GPS tracker. For example, if you set up a secure geofence around your child's school, your child will receive a notification from the platform when he or she arrives or leaves the school and will check the designated route to school and return home in the afternoon.
  • [The professional mini GPS tracker of "Tracksolid" platform provides high quality service, has professional GPS tracking system thanks to our strong development team and advanced technical team with excellent GPS tracking technology, thanks to strong technical support and platform stability you can 100% depend on Special "Tracksolid" platform so we can query location data on the map faster and more accurately than ever before. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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