Review ZIUMIER Z66 Pink Gaming Headset
ZIUMIER Z66 Pink Gaming Headset

ZIUMIER Z66 Pink Gaming Headset for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Wireless In-Ear Headphones with Noise Canceling Microphone, RGB LED Light and Surround Sound

50mm dynamic audio player
The surround sound design of two 50mm speakers delivers clear sound. There is a clear frequency equalization, you can hear the deep bass you expect, and you can get pure mid to loud sound as well.

Noise canceling microphone
The 90 degree rotatable microphone and the 360 ​​degree adjustable and flexible microphone can be installed at any angle. It's great for capturing your voice clearly without background noise or hissing, and can play smoothly with your teammates to communicate with them.

Comfortable protein earmuffs
The ZIUMIER gaming headset is equipped with airy protein ear cushions of large diameter, which fit perfectly into the ear, but do not exert direct pressure on soft tissues and enable passive noise insulation

Bright RGB LED lights
The PlayStation 4 gaming headset enhances your gaming experience with exclusive RGB lighting. True RGB delivers amazing lighting and vibration effects. Make sure the USB cable is plugged into the power outlet.

Simple line control
Anti-twist braided cable with volume control and microphone mute button. When you are not using the microphone, you can simply turn off the microphone. Slide the volume slider for easy control of game volume.

Anti-twist braided cable
Braided cables made of durable materials are very strong and can prevent tangles. You can move the game console freely in all directions and express your enthusiasm while playing.

Long lasting comfort
Our gaming headsets are comfortable to wear and suitable for long gaming sessions. It's covered in a soft headband and has very comfortable foam and leather options.

Immersive gaming experience
With the built-in 50mm dynamic speaker, you can hear all sounds from all directions, just like the battlefield on rough terrain. The 50 mm engine is carefully covered with a cloth so that the driver's ears do not directly touch the driver.

Perfect for sending or chatting
The microphone has a noise canceling feature that can eliminate background noise and make sure that you are alone in the spotlight. Noise-canceling microphones allow you to easily create a great video feed and communicate with your team.

Worry-free guarantee
ZIUMIER Gaming Headsets have a 12-month warranty, active and easy-to-access support. During the warranty period, each customer's rights are fully guaranteed.

Review ZIUMIER Z66 Pink Gaming Headset
ZIUMIER Z66 Pink Gaming Headset

  • [High performance 50mm neodymium magnetic drive with impressive sound. To give you an immersive gaming experience, hear everything from all directions as if you were on a battlefield in a wasteland.
  • [MICROHPONE Noise Reduction] Omnidirectional sensitive microphone with noise reduction technology can improve sound quality, reduce ambient noise, and capture your voice clearly.
  • [Humane design] Lightweight design, breathable protein ear pads, elastic headband with thicker pads, provide you long and comfortable playing experience, suitable for different head shapes.
  • Multiplayer Headset] Supports PlayStation 4, Xbox One / One S, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, Laptop, PSP, iPad, Tablet and Mobile Phone. (An additional Microsoft adapter (not included) is required to connect to an older version of Xbox One.)
  • [Simple inside controls include an analog volume control and a microphone mute switch. 6.5 feet of high strength braided cable. The USB connection is only used to illuminate the bright moving LEDs.

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