Review Zqasales Radar Detectors with LED Display for Cars
Zqasales Radar Detectors with LED Display for Cars

Zqasales radar detector, 360 degree city / highway radar camera detector with automatic LED display, audio warning system and vehicle speed warning

  • Maximum range Superior heterogeneous technology with ultra-fast oscillation circuit provides even the fastest radar gun, greater detection range and better warning.
  • Discover the latest radar gun in pop-up mode (extremely fast real-time operation) the radar can detect any fixed or mobile radial velocity monitor in the range of 250 to 2500 meters.
  • The automatic mute system of the RS sensor virtually eliminates false alarms, and the shutdown function prevents your detector from being detected by the radar detectors currently available.
  • When the location is detected, the GPS will emit a tone indicating that you are approaching the speed sensor so you can confirm the speed along the route. It has full resistance of the VG-2 radar detector; Even with the device turned off, the radar warning settings can be saved electronically indefinitely.
  • The radar detector has a laser eye detector to detect the 360 ​​degree laser and it is easy to install.

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