SoftBank is preparing to sell ARM for more than $ 40 billion
SoftBank is preparing to sell ARM for more than $ 40 billion

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Japan's Softbank is preparing to sell British chip design firm (Arm Holdings) to US Nvidia for more than one deal early next week. $ 40 billion.

Rumors of the deal spread in July and it was reported that Nvidia was the only party to have had specific conversations with SoftBank.

If this transaction continues, it will be one of the most significant in chip history and may be subject to strict government controls.

This is also the latest news from the main sales chain of the Japanese tech giants. According to the Wall Street Journal, the two companies have been in exclusive negotiations for several weeks.

People familiar with the matter said: The deal under discussion would be worth $ 40 billion (Arm Holdings), making SoftBank the largest shareholder in the US chipmaker.

The terms under discussion are SoftBank's great strength. SoftBank acquired Arm Holdings for $ 32 billion four years ago and worked hard to grow the company.

SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son said four years ago that the British chip design firm would become the future pillar of Japan's technology group.

The British company's chips power mobile processors from companies such as Apple, Samsung and Qualcomm.

(Arm Holdings) is likely to have increased in value since it was acquired by SoftBank. In addition to the Windows release chip (ARM), Microsoft also manufactures (Surface) devices based on (ARM).

Apple plans to convert future Macs into chips from Arm Holdings.

NVIDIA is also a leading manufacturer of graphics processing units (ARMs).

Unlike the Tegra series portable chipset used in devices like the Nintendo Switch, Nvidia hasn't done much in designing processors or mobile devices.

For Nvidia, which recently replaced Intel as the world's most valuable chip maker, the deal will cement the US company's core position in the semiconductor industry.

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