Sony denies reducing PlayStation 5 production
Sony denies reducing PlayStation 5 production

Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday that Japan's Sony has cut its estimated production of its PlayStation 5 platform by 4 million units for the current fiscal year and is now planning to produce about 11 million units by the end of it. From March 2021.

Sony has now denied the validity of the Bloomberg report. He said, "Although we have not released manufacturing details, the information provided by Bloomberg is incorrect. We have not changed the number of PlayStation 5 devices that have been produced since the start of mass production."

Bloomberg previously reported that Sony plans to increase production to around 10 million units by the end of December. However, he said in his report that the company had encountered manufacturing problems.

The PlayStation 5 SOC is said to be a core processing component developed by AMD, which is especially problematic with a single point return rate of only 50%.

The new report states that this means that half of the parts produced cannot be shipped. Although this number is increasing, revenue has not yet reached stable levels.

The revised figure is still much higher than previously announced: the Japanese company Sony originally planned to use the PlayStation 5 production platform.

According to reports, Sony plans to produce 5 to 6 million gaming consoles by the end of March next year in April, which will be less than production at the launch of the platform. - PlayStation 4 format in 2013.

With the popularity of the gaming industry, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has caused the Japanese company to dramatically increase its forecasts.

The electronics giant increased orders from its suppliers last July in the hope that demand for toys will increase during the holiday season and beyond as people spend more time at home. Because of the Corona virus.

Sony will host a special PlayStation 5 online event later on Wednesday. At this stage, the final price and release date of the platform may be displayed. There are two different versions: one with a reader and the other without a reader. .

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