The advantage of Google Drive is that you can delete files permanently
The advantage of Google Drive is that you can delete files permanently

Google Drive users may want to check if there are important files in their recycle bin, as Google announced that its cloud storage service will automatically delete files stored there after 30 days.

Until now, the service will keep the file in the trash indefinitely unless the user manually opens the recycle bin and permanently deletes the file.

This means that you will have to change the way Google Drive stores files in the Recycle Bin, as it will soon work in the same way as other Google products like Gmail.

In a blog post on (G Suite), Google announced when it will make changes to the way Google Drive saves files in the Recycle Bin, saying: “As of October 13, 2020, we will work hard to make changes to the trash can. Google Drive retention policy. Using With this new policy, any files that you put in your Google Drive trash will be automatically deleted after 30 days. Effective October 13, 2020, the user's trash will be saved. All files in the Recycle Bin are kept for 30 days, and files in the Recycle Bin are automatically deleted. Recycle Bin for more than 30 days.

After the new Google Drive policy takes effect, G Suite administrators can restore items deleted from trash for up to 25 days. After deleting your personal files from Recycle Bin, you can still do that and recover all deleted vital work files. Due to mistakes. ''

Google plans to add notifications to Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Forms to ensure that everyone knows how long trash will be stored before it is permanently deleted.

Although the new retention policy may annoy some users, it could actually be beneficial to most users because Google counts files in the recycle bin that haven't been removed from the service's storage quota.

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