The elimination has ended the US ban on WeChat
The elimination has ended the US ban on WeChat

Federal Judge Laurel Peeler temporarily banned US President Donald Trump's order that the Chinese text messaging app WeChat should be removed and banned in the US. Download.

The judge said: The plaintiffs - a US-based WeChat user group - raised serious questions and stated that the executive order threatens users' initial allocation rights.

Piller wrote: “The complainant’s evidence shows that WeChat is the only way for many people in the community to communicate because China bans the use of other apps and because Chinese users with limited knowledge of English have no other choice.”

The judge also said: The WeChat ban did not provide enough evidence to show that its trivial purpose was to resolve the US government's national security concerns about the app.

Piller writes: Prosecutors have indicated that there are clear alternatives to the outright ban, such as banning the use of WeChat by government agencies like Australia or taking other steps to address data security concerns.

The ban came after President Trump approved transactions such as Walmart, TikTok and Oracle.

The US Department of Commerce has placed restrictions on TikTok and WeChat. The restrictions were originally supposed to go into effect on Sunday evening, but after the president of the United States approved a new transaction-handling company for TikTok companies in the US, the restrictions (TikTok) will be delayed by a week.

By order of Judge Piller, the nationwide ban on WeChat is now expected to be suspended.

Analytics firm Apptopia said in early August that WeChat has an average of 19 million active daily users in the United States and is widely used by Chinese and American students living in China and some Americans with links to individuals or companies. In China.

The Justice Ministry said blocking an executive order would nullify the president's decision on how best to respond to national security threats.

Certainly, Piller wrote, the government's overall national security interests matter. With the government showing that China's activities raise serious national security concerns, there is little evidence that banning WeChat can solve these problems.

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