The European Union wants to punish tech companies
The European Union wants to punish tech companies

The Financial Times reported on Sunday that the European Union had hoped to rearm itself to punish the big tech companies.

This includes whether market dominance threatens the interests of customers and small competitors, and forces them to break up or sell some European companies.

The European Union Commissioner Thierry Breton told the Financial Times: The proposed means, which will only be used in extreme cases, also include the possibility of excluding large technology companies completely from the internal market.

In addition, Brussels is working on a rating system that allows the public and stakeholders to rate the company's behavior in terms of tax compliance and the rapid removal of illegal content.

Britton led the reform of the Block's digital infrastructure. He said, "The users of these platforms are feeling old and indifferent. In some cases we can also do a structural separation.

After publishing a public consultation on a future European Digital Services Act (DSA), the bill lays out new rules on platform liability when dealing with illegal online content and misinformation.

The upcoming European Digital Services Act (DSA) updated the E-Commerce Directive, which was adopted in 2000 when most of the major players in the sector were in their infancy or did not yet exist.

Big tech companies are under pressure from other domestic regulators as the new UK regulator has the power to levy fines without going to court as it currently does.

After independent researchers feared that voluntary disclosure of packets of information might be misleading or often biased, the new European Union law increased Brussels' ability to study how tech companies collect information about users.

Regulators in Brussels are blacklisting activities that must be removed by tech companies and proposing reduced fines for non-compliance until some companies are fired.

Britton said the bill will be ready by the end of this year, adding that activities that could lead to more severe penalties include preventing companies from switching platforms or forcing companies to switch platforms. Clients use only one service.

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