The fully autonomous driving subscription is coming from Tesla
The fully autonomous driving subscription is coming from Tesla

Electric vehicle maker Tesla (Tesla) is preparing to launch a new monthly subscription service for fully automated driving (FSD) based on updates to its mobile app and setting a deadline for its recently launched driver package for improved automatic date.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the US company was purchasing a paid subscription service to take advantage of a complete autonomous driving package.

Company CEO Elon Musk later confirmed that Tesla plans to roll out this option by the end of this year.

There are indications that with the reintroduction of the expanded autopilot package by Tesla, the price of fully automatic driving (FSD) has skyrocketed again and the entry of subscriptions is imminent.

The user was able to reverse engineer the updated portion of the Tesla mobile app to reflect the new subscription portion.

Tesla has been receiving programming instructions to prepare a new order form for some time. This update is nearing the end of the year, which indicates that Tesla will launch a new ordering method. Access to fully automated driving programs.

Musk has confirmed its intention to offer a monthly subscription to access these features and said that purchasing a fully automated driving package (FSD) is always a better financial option.

He said: “Buying FSD as an option makes sense in our opinion because FSD is an investment in the future and we believe it will bring results for consumers and it is in the interest of consumers.” . Due to the investment, I consider FSD an option. People will not regret it.

For those who rent a car from Tesla and those who are unwilling to pay $ 8,000, a monthly subscription might make more sense.

Tesla will relaunch the updated autopilot kit for $ 4,000 as an affordable alternative to FSD kits for existing car owners.

She announced the package in a new email to her customers and said: You have to order before September 30th.

Tesla has changed its autopilot options and pricing several times over the past few years.

The automaker started selling FSD kits at $ 5,000 and gradually increased the price after an update earlier this summer until it has now reached $ 8,000.

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